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    My Timeline

    Severance pay was not taxed. I got it about 15 days after I got out. Pretty much the 15th which was a pay day. Man it was nice to wake up 40k plus in the bank. Best part was I denied orders so I wasn't supposed to rate severance. I'm still licking my chops over it but I just wish the gunny...
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    My Timeline

    I submitted my second claim after I got out so my C File, medical file from the military, was already with them. Is this true for you? Is your medical file already with them? I submitted my claim with no further evidence other than what was already in my medical file for things I had not...
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    My Timeline

    Update: I've been out for about 2 months now. It's great, such a beautiful thing as Trump would say :D So my first VA payment hit. It took them a month and a half to finalize my VA claim. Not too bad. It hit on the 15th of March which was surprising because I thought I'd have to wait till the...
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    A bit of insight from veteran- Separation pay timeline etc VA payment timeline...RE-3O denied orders

    Hey all, Just a little insight from me, I just got about about a month and a half ago and maybe this will help someone. From start to finish my IDES process took exactly a year from Feb 1, 2016 to Jan 1, 2017 and EAS Jan 30, 2017. I got Separation pay non-combat (enhanced). I didn't fight...
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    Non-Combat Related (Enhanced) Confusion & Clarification

    So I recently was separated with non-combat (Enhanced) severance pay. I've read a couple things on this but can't find black and white answers. I was rated at 0% DoD but 90% VA. So first what does the "enhanced" specifically mean? (I see a lot of the enhanced coming from the "combat related".)...
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    Severance pay

    Great post, Now question. They take the fraction of the days (lesser than 6 months)? I was under the impression that they round up to the next year if you are +6 months and round down to the last year if you are -6 months
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    Severance pay

    I really don't know how it is calculated. Mypay just posted my last pay amount for the 15th. I had 12 days of leave sold back and rated 39992.00 of severance for 8 years of service as a Sergeant. My total amount scheduled to post on the 15th is like 41,000 something. So... I thought I'd be...
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    My Timeline

    Second EAS just reposted. That was the quickest thing that has happened so far. So I have enough terminal and PTAD that I could have been out 5 days ago, but IPAC told me they have inspections coming up so they won't be able to get me out until the 30th. That's the wrong answer. Corporals don't...
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    My Timeline

    EAS posted today for the end of Feb. got ahold of MMSR4 to move it closer and they said it should post on Monday. Almost out
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    Severance and RE3O (Denied Orders)

    I appreciate the info but I think there was miscommunication. It was not to extend for the medboard. The orders were for a change of station and extension past my current EAS which is the end of this year to go to Camp Lejuene. I was screwed and sent orders I couldn't even execute while on a...
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    How long after 199 signed ?

    So Lucky!!
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    Waiting for approval by VA authorizor

    I've been in the process from February of last year. I am currently waiting for an EAS and I don't even have a real timeline for that. There are no timelines here because there is no common time factor or rhyme or reason to when things get done or why they get done whenever they do. I had a...
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    Final Physical Required?

    I actually had to schedule a PHA (periodic health assessment) for command reasons even though I'm just waiting for my EAS to change since I signed my findings 3 weeks ago. I was told med board suffices for final physical but I'm Marine Corps. Oh well, I'm using this PHA to get other conditions...
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    Severance and RE3O (Denied Orders)

    Yes that is correct. I have been told by numerous people, and reliable sources that this has no impact on receiving the severance for a medical board finding. But we will see and I will update as necessary
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    Finally went Historical.

    Well that's good, mine should be behind yours. Absolutely crazy how long this takes
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