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    Leukemia within 1 yr of separation

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm pretty sure he just had a traditional separation. He might have gotten a few % from VA but nothing significant. Ill double check with him when I get a chance. As far as the VA side, is the best place to start by filling a claim on
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    Leukemia within 1 yr of separation

    Hey everyone- a buddy of mine got diagnosed with Leukemia within 6 months of being separated from the AF. I know the VA will rate him (since its on their Presumptive List) but will he also be rated by the DoD? Do they also have a 1 year 'assumed responsibility' like the VA? Trying to find out if...
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    Concerns about potential MEB

    Sorry to hear about your AI problems. I would first go to and become very familiar with the VASRD. Read up on how the Govt rates your conditions so you can get an idea of what to expect. Then search for the DBQs (Disability Benefits Questionnaires). These are...
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    Advice for New Folks; Auto-Immune MEBs and Recalls

    @b.smith I don't see why they wouldn't be able to recall after the FPEB, so that doesn't sound like a terrible plan. It might get you a solution sooner, and if they give you 30% Id see about using your one-time reconsideration (VARR) to bump the numbers higher. You can submit additional info...
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    Narsum sent up question

    It is different for everyone. Check out some of the signature blocks and you'll see some take only a few weeks, while others (like mine) drag on for months.
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    Advice for New Folks; Auto-Immune MEBs and Recalls

    Hey Everyone, got my orders today- Retirement set for 1 Oct. Works out well for me, and I'm very excited to be nearing the end of this endeavor. It has been 386 days since I officially started the MEB (761 since I was put on desk duty). Stay strong, and get smart. Knowledge is power...
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    Advice for New Folks; Auto-Immune MEBs and Recalls

    @b.smith, Have you talked to the OAC? I'd ask about a recall particularly if any of your diagnosis changed since the original NARSUM. Also, if they didn't take ROM measurements for each of your joints, then I'd think you might have a case. Your story is sad in that it sounds all too...
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    Luke AFB MEB timelime

    Truth. But I got my orders today, which was pretty quick. Good Luck, I hope your experience goes much quicker!
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    Updated AF case timeline

    Magoo- eBenefits seems to do its own thing, especially before the package gets to the VA after th IPEB. Until you get the mypers notification that youve been pushed to DRAS (the rating agency, ie the VA), Id consider it to be useless. that was my experience at least. Weeble- still no orders...
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    Luke AFB MEB timelime

    Mine took 377 days just to get my ratings so.... Just know that every experience will vary. I was told I'd be out no later than Christmas of '16 and I'm still waiting for orders. Everyone has their own unique timeline and sadly there is a lot of variance.
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    Just received DA199 and possibly starting IDES over need help!

    I called an Air Force MEB lawyer who told me to request a re-call since my MTF broke a few AFI's. When I went to my PEBLO with that info, she started it without too much hassle within a day or two. I think she realized that they messed up. Im not sure that your case would definitely be a...
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    MEB - Crohn's Disease

    Sounds like a RILO (Review In Lieu Of MEB). Its fairly common, and it is usually a good thing as it allows the condition and treatment to stabilize. A stable and effective treatment plan are usually requirements to stay in, so if you are looking to stay, this can really only help. If it is...
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    Just received DA199 and possibly starting IDES over need help!

    You may not like this advice, because I certainly didn't when I first got it: A re-start may be exactly what you need to ensure everything gets taken care of correctly. Yes, it will take a lot of time, but the end result will be worth it. You know how to 'play the game' after going most of the...
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    15 year retirement meb

    I just got my ratings for Lupus this week- it all depends on what kind of Lupus, how serious things are, what kind of medication you might be on, and how your symptoms line up with the VASRD. If you havent already checked out, you definitely should. You can...
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