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    Separations Pay Help

    I'm no longer at work so I do not have my data handy, but I posted several times the standard of mental health for stress related, and its a minimum of 50% for PTSD.
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    Narsum sent up question

    The Timeline game is in mine. However, I had what people tell me is a VERY FAST timeline.
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    Outpatient Mental Health Benefits expanded via TriCare

    No. I am rated at 70% for a mental health condition, but when you say you are rated, you aren't "rated" by the military. The military decides which of your conditions are unfitting for continued service. The VA rates you, and the military is required to accept the VA rating. I am 70/90...
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    Updated AF case timeline

    I wish you guys all speedy results. I will say that my 20 days of Permissive TDY have been great and now I start my 59 days of terminal.
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    Admin Discharge due to adjustment disorder and anxiety, why not medical?

    100% this. This is what I was just boarded for.
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    Updated AF case timeline

    The only thing you should absolutely need orders for is scheduling your TMO since it needs 30+ days lead time. There is a memorandum that can be produced called a memo in lieu of orders. I used to see these all the time as the D-Flight commander. The local TMO flight should be able to produce...
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    Updated AF case timeline

    I out-processed in basically 7 duty days, and i could have done it faster but my PEBLO was great about knowing exactly how many days of permissive I had, how many days of leave, and exactly how it would line up. I probably could have done it in 6 duty days, but then it would have been very...
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    Updated AF case timeline

    I got mine same day.
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    19 years 2 months refered to IDES

    Well, you have X amount of days before you have to sign the NARSUM. Take everyone one of them. If you find even one mistake, make sure it is corrected. How much leave do you have accumulated?
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    AS / Humira Fit or Unfit? HELP

    There is no really good answer to give you on this. This advice is going to suck, and I usually try to refrain from giving it, but do your best to put it out of your mind. Right now your stuff is in a black hole. Just set yourself to finishing your development at hand and finish out ground...
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    A commanding officer can request a fitness for duty exam, which if you fail the fitness for duty exam that drops a coin in the MEB process start slot. When you say "I am injured but the doctors have said there is nothing they can do and it's nothing that would kick me out of the navy" that...
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    Does VA income count against any unemployment claim?

    I shall point you into the proper direction: Military and Government Disability Pensions Certain military and government disability pensions aren't taxable. Service-connected disability. You may be able to exclude...
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    VA Ratings received..... what's next???

    Have to remember, just because you ratings are done on a given day, doesn't mean the PEB is discussing your case that day, or discussing any cases on that day for that matter. I know it sucks being patient, but I am glad I was. For me it paid off in the end.
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    Mind and Body Broken...still no MEB

    I was in almost exactly the same place you are I had to wait 25 months for my MEB to start for my mental health disorder MEB to begin. During that time I suffered the medication roulette game, where they changed my meds every few months which caused me to gain a huge amount of weight because...
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    Contacting the PEB??

    Yeah, in case anyone were to search this thread, contacting the PEB directly would be a horrible idea. Its not like they are deliberately not doing your specific package, they probably have dozens, if not hundreds, in front of yours.
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