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  • Hi everyone
    I fell on the ship a year ago and I was put in Limdu due to back and neck pain. At the end of my limdu the orthopedist asked me if I want to go to a medical board process or a second limdu. I chose a second limdu because I wanted to stay and I am about to be a single mom, I needed stability.My second limdu will be up in a month and my condition didn’t get any better but now the ortho is telling me I am no longer eligible for a medical board and he will recommend admin sep under medical condition.my questions is will I be eligible for GI bill and Va benefit?
    My diagnosis are:lumbar spondylosis, myofascial syndrome pain, radiculopathy cervical region, adjustment disorder with mixed depression and anxiety, and many more.
    Thank you
    Why does your doctor consider your condition to be a medical condition?
    I’ve ask for a second opinion and got referred to a another doctor. I have an appointment with him next month.
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