1. C

    Shoulder MEB Range of Motion

    I am getting an MEB for my left shoulder which I have had two surgeries on. The exact diagnosis on my 3947 is Acromioclavicular Arthritis, Left Shoulder (diagnosed by the QTC/VA Medical DBQ Examiner as Acromioclavicular Osteoarthritis and Multiple Surgical Procedures including Left Distal...
  2. G

    C&P to IPEB Results - Predictable or Inconsistent?

    Got my C&P back and ready to send out to the IPEB (I already know I'm Unfit). Boxes are checked that translate directly to percentages in the VASRD, but I was wondering if there is any chance the IPEB decides to ignore the C&P and downgrade my ratings based on their own opinions. Is the IPEB...
  3. L

    VARR question

    Hi all. Sorry if this is a sort of silly question. I think I know the answer but I want to verify. If you request a VARR, and the VA accepts it and agrees to increase your percentage, does that mean your DOD percentage will automatically increase too for that referred condition? I did a VARR for...
  4. L

    Two different percentages

    Hello quick question I got my findings today but they had to send it back because I had two different ratings for the same injury. I was wondering has this happen to anyone and what could the outcome be? PEB said 30% and Va said 20% but overall VA is giving me 80%
  5. catherinemedboard

    How long will it take? Or how long did it take for you?

    My package was sent in yesterday to Washington for my medboard... just wanting to know how long itll take to get my findings back? Or how long did it take for you all? Thank you!
  6. A

    Got My Ratings....Drum roll please......

    70% DOD PRDL and 70% VA :D I'm not going to fight anything. I got a bunch of 0% ratings but I can always request an increase for those in the future. So happy! Will it be 90 days left on active duty after signing for my ratings?
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