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    Long Haul

    Just thought I’d put my timeline out there for everyone and to give some hope for anyone filing a PFR. I hadn’t seen too many posts on here about successful PFRs or the turnaround time (at least I couldn’t find many with the search feature) and I know a lot of people aren’t well versed in their...
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    FPEB Petition for Relief (Urgent)

    I really with I had come here long ago. I've been trying to learn as much a s I can from these threads over the years... Here's my story, I'll try to keep it short, and hopefully still detailed... In May of 2015 I was hospitalized due to thoughts of suicide, I speant a few days in the Naval...
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    Time line / Outcome of a Petition for Relief

    Does any one know the time line for a Petition for Relief? Mine was submitted 16 Sept 2016. And does anyone know what the trend for outcomes is looking like? I was found 20% DOD and 100% VA. The Board stated that they believed the Mental Health conditions were due to my Diabetes and medication...
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