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    TMD and right hip pain

    I am completely new to the forums. I apologize if I am posting this in a wrong forum. I am an active duty sergeant in the army. I am an airborne as well. I have been assigned to an airborne unit the whole time. I have been in for 5 years now. for the past two years, I have been having health...
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    Info for those with TMJD or TMD (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction)

    Hi to everyone! I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong forum. I decided to do this thread due to not finding anyone or at least me not finding anything for TMJ cases for MEB/PEB around the site. I know how it feels to stress and rev up the anxiety in doing the whole process and the long...
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    TMD - Temporary or Permanent Rating Depending on?

    Hello everyone, Does the VA usually rate Temporomandibular Disorder as a temporary or permanent affliction? Many TMD cases resolve on their own over time. So my question is - does the VA usually rate TMD as a temporary condition? If so, what does that mean? Any insight or guidance much...
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