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    Finally moved from TDRL to PDRL need 1 final bit of help

    As I understand it, it's rare for a person to remain tdrl after their first evaluation. They are so busy with they backlog that it's almost like they are just trying to get us out of their hair.
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    Finally moved from TDRL to PDRL need 1 final bit of help

    As I understand it, TRDL is used when the condition is expected, or has a chance at least, to improve or degrade. It is usually used for those with issues involving psychological illnesses. Illnesses or injuries such as knee or back problems are almost never placed on the TRDL because there...
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    Finally moved from TDRL to PDRL need 1 final bit of help

    In certain cases such as mine, if you are medically discharged from the military you will be placed on the temporary disabled retirement list. In my case, after 6 months of being out of service, I was called up to go down to San Antonio for a reevaluation. It was determined that my condition...
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    VA Conflict of Interests? (C&p)

    A few concerns. Is it not a conflicting interest that the VA uses in house employees to conduct c&p exams? I have a reevaluation c&p exam but it says it's for TBI. The problem is that I was discharged for PTSD with residual TBI, as they said they couldn't delineate my symptoms from PTSD to...
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    VA Payment

    If you are single you probably are fine having sold it back but if you have dependents it is kind of bad because you don't get the BAH and what not when you sell leave.
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    Book Stipend

    I'm not currently aware of a difference between the two. Voc Rehab bases it's BAH on your location and whether you are full or part-time. If you are eligible for it, you should switch to it. 48 months of coverage, books 100% paid for, get a stipend for supplies each semester and a free laptop...
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    Book Stipend

    So, I use Voc Rehab atm, and I'm not sure the BAH payments differ. But, I get my BAH for the previous month on the first, along with my disability. If you are doing 16 week semesters, you can expect 4 payouts with the first payout coming at the end of the first month. From what I gather, as...
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    Change in VA rating == change in CRSC from DoD?

    Combat-related injury currently rated 70% by VA and I am getting 70% CRSC from DoD. I have a compensation exam coming up after 2 years and I am wondering if VA drops the rating will the DoD do the same?
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    Voc Rehab and working a job

    I'm currently in school full time with plans on continuing in the fall. I have been asked to interview for a job with the FAA. Now, I have a scheduled appointment with my voc rehab counselor to discuss this matter but I am trying to get all the info I can. Will voc rehab still pay for...
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    Finally moved from TDRL to PDRL need 1 final bit of help

    I honestly didn't know where to post this, sorry if it has to be moved. I got a letter in the mail notifying that I have been moved to PDRL. I dont know if its my TBI or what but I am have a hard time understanding my next step. Currently I am Getting ~1900 from VA , 81 from DoD and ~750 CRSC...
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    Post 9/11 GI Bill Full Time Online criteria

    So If i choose to take 12 credit hours online, is that considered full time in regards to the full BAH payment? I can't find specifics about the online criteria.
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    Just got CRSC 1st Payment Do I get Back Pay??

    I got mine 60 says after first crsc payment
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    PEBLO didn't send Sleep Study results to the PEB

    Could you tell me which one I would send it to if I live in Oklahoma?
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