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    My Navy Timeline for Radiculopathy

    My ratings came back a couple weeks ago. Paperwork is messed up, I got 20% for my lumbar radiculopathy, but my back wasn't even considered as apparently there wasn't an addendum for it. It was on the referred conditions, but not considered by the board. So I'm appealing now, trying to get a...
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    DoD ratings appeal

    I'm not versed in appeals, but I think if you gave more context you'd get more help. What were you expecting or wanting? What were your conditions, etc.?
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    Shouldn't make too big of a difference where you're at. - just google it...explains everything. You wont get 100% unless you have other things to get rated. DOD is your retirement percentage, they only factor in what's "unfitting" for military service - like your...
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    You've got a good chance of retirement I'd say. Just hang in there and do everything your PEBLO says. Meet with the VA attorney appointed to you before you send your package off to DC for the PEB. Let them review everything to see if it needs adjustments. Make sure that your NARSUM and your...
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    We've got similar issues. Did a specific injury happen to cause this, or was it a prior to service thing? The big thing is getting it service connected. But since you had surgery and it got worse, then you should be fine. Where on your spine is the DDD/issue/surgery? Describe your symptoms more...
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    My Navy Timeline for Radiculopathy

    Sounds like a plan. I've got a pretty decent PEBLO, responds quickly. I checked in with him a couple days ago about any updates, told me that VA rated me at 80%, just waiting on the PEB to make their final decision, should know by the end of the month. I was thinking similar to what your lawyer...
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    MEB Process Question

    Talk to your monitor or chain of command about the situation. Logic will prevail and you'll hit 20 before you get separated. There is such a thing as permanent limited duty to carry people in your shoes to 20 years vice medsep'd and screwed. There is even a couple of questions about it on the...
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    My Navy Timeline for Radiculopathy

    Thanks for the insight. If you were able to get 20 with mild symptoms, I have hope for not getting screwed. Although my examiner did not mark everything accurately, and I would not be surprised if the rater missed stuff. I wrote a long rebuttal to try and ensure they didn't miss anything. I'm...
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    Voc Rehab - Including Internet Service as "Required Supplies"

    Orange Sky is on point. I would like to add that if you've been told "no" this many times...the answer is probably going to remain the same. Secondly, it sounds like you are wasting a lot of people time dealing with a ~$500 or less per year benefit. Erroneous, invalid, or unnecessary appeals...
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    IVDS And Radiculopathy

    To my knowledge (I have similar issues, back, leg radiculopathy with muscle atrophy) they should be separate conditions. Did you claim them as separate conditions? Are you on a medboard or are you out and doing a claim? If you're on a medboard, did the doc list them as separate unfitting...
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    My Navy Timeline for Radiculopathy

    Can I ask what your symptoms are for your leg? Do you have atrophy, what did your DBQ have checked (Mild, moderate, etc.)? I have right radiculopathy too, with atrophy, really anxious to find out what the rating for it is.
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    Another Nerve/Back Injury Rating Question

    When did you get your ratings? I'd say the rater might have missed all that when rating your conditions. It's plausible that they didn't reference that doc when assigning ratings for the sciatic stuff. So maybe request another rating, I doubt that you'd need another DBQ. Have you talked to the...
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    Question for Back + Leg Nerve damage rating

    No I haven't. My ebenefits is marked "pending decision approval" as of 29 Apr. Based on what others are posting, I'm guessing I'll find out in another 2-3 weeks maybe. On your post you mentioned not getting a very high rating for your nerve damage. That's my fear. Especially since my...
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    I just received my findings

    you're only given DOD for what's unfitting. It should say on your paperwork which one was unfitting. It's probably the one you were boarded for in the beginning. How many things/what were you med boarded for? If there are other unfitting things you claimed, and you don't agree with their...
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    Updated Timeline

    Crazy. So within a week of your ebenefits status changing, your package went pack to PEB for DOD part, and then got to you? Mine changed on 29 April, so based on a timeline like yours I might know next week. Not holding my breath though.
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