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    AF IDES Timeline (Finally!)

    Update! Received my date and orders today!
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    AF IDES Timeline (Finally!)

    Hello! Reading everyone else's timelines helped me immensely while going through my MEB, so I figured I would share mine! August 2020- Informed that I would be put up for Meb March 2021- NARSUM completed 19 March 2021- Case submitted to AFPC for IRILO 31 March 2021- AFPC directed full MEB 2...
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    Best possible outcome!

    Do you have orders yet?
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    Unfit by IPEB?

    They'll make a fit/unfit determination and then just hold your case until they get ratings from VA. Once your ratings come in, they'll apply them and send the full decision and paperwork to your PEBLO.
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    Air Force AD MH LDES

    Is that what you were hoping for?! (Congrats if so!!) Did you get an email when the IPEB finished your package, or just when the package was received by AFPC?
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    How long was yours at the IPEB?!
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    AirForce IDES Timeline

    I can only imagine! My case got sent up to the PEB on Thursday (the 9th). And was accepted Friday. This is so stressful!
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    AirForce IDES Timeline

    Congrats! I hope you got what you were hoping for!!
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    My Air Force IDES Timeline

    Your case is moving quickly!! Any updates?
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    Need MEDBOARD advice

    My case was reviewed by the AMRO in August of 2020. They determined that a MEB should be started. I heard nothing until March when they had my NARSUM written and were ready to send my case up to AFPC. While very frustrating, in my experience, it is normal to be told it's starting and then not...
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    Unfit by IPEB?

    How do you get them to give you your ratings? I tried, but the second I verified my identity, they immediately said they couldn't release ratings and to ask my PEBLO.
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    IMR/ Rebuttal? Looking for advice

    Hello! I'm AD AF and received my MEB findings this week. I think that ther should be more than just the original unfitting condition listed on my MEB findings. I wanted to do an IMR, but my PEBLO said that wouldn't apply here because I agree with the separation/ retirement suggestion. She...