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    How will the government shutdown affect those of us waiting on orders ? Will there be a big delay
  2. J

    Applying for jobs while on active duty waiting for FPEB

    Aloha to all! I am currently in the USAF and have been in for over 18 years. I received my proposed ratings from VA/DoD and "permanent medical retirement" is what the AF indicated. I am scheduled to go to my FPEB this Sept and in the meantime, I have already applied to 2 jobs and plan on...
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    Can you only request a VARR during IDES?

    Can you only request a VARR during IDES or can you request a VARR after you're discharged? If you can only request a VARR during IDES, is there a way to appeal your rating after you're out? I haven't gotten my ratings back yet. Just wondering.
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    NAVY - COMPLETED! Walter Reed/Bethesda 2015-2016 PEB Timeline

    This information is in my signature, but for those lurkers that can't see signatures I figured I would make a new post. My timeline was a little weird because I had already applied for voluntary retirement and had to overcome the presumption of fitness, and also my command never did a LODI for...
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