1. Z

    Any Medical Officers/Attorneys want to give me your thoughts on my NMA? (fit/unfit)

    Just as the title reads... With being in the LDES situation for way to long, I am getting a bit concerned. After 10 years of service, that has been wonderful up until the last few years, I lost the ability to control my mental health symptoms. So after trying to fight the symptoms and the Navy...
  2. C

    Pathway to MEB

    Hello all, This is my first post to this forum and I am looking for any guidance. I apologize ahead of time if this is long winded and a little scatter brained. As background, I am a SGT in the Army (active duty) with 4 years service and just recently reenlisted. I was diagnosed with...
  3. F

    Help! Not sure what step I'm at?

    Short and sweet: Code 37 since 7 Dec 16, no further updates at all. What should I do/expect? Detailed version: My PCM stated I would be undergoing an MEB and likely be found unfit for duty. I am okay with that and understand "most" of the process. Yet, it appears I'm stuck in limbo or...
  4. carrieem

    Pre VA Q&A, MDD, Anxiety, & More

    Hey everyone. I'm currently going through the ipeb process. Last I heard two weeks ago was that I am in the pre va stage. I was just looking for some tips or advice to help get through this. Back in February my C&P exams were done. I've read over those and determined what the possible ratings...
  5. AWS2Navy

    Bipolar II / GAD diagnosis on Aircrew orders *Help*

    Hello everyone, I have searched this forum in for answers however I have came up empty handed so I decided to make an account in hopes there is someone out there who may be able to help me. I am currently enlisted as an AWS (H-60) on DIFCREW orders and have been in for eight years. With that...
  6. M


    I've posted once before about my process. I have been in on active duty navy for 10 years. Was diagnosed with anxiety disorder in 2011. Symptoms are still really bad, I have to take medication to help with my mood, panic attacks still occur daily. I just received my C&P results and Narsum. I am...
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