1. T


    Good afternoon everyone, New to the site and want to say thank you in advance for any and all responses. I've been reading through some of the threads to see general timelines but I understand there are a myriad of factors that affect an individual's timeline. I was referred to the Army MEB...
  2. C


    What can I do if something in my MH records isn't correct? My MH provider said I had suicide ideation as a kid and took OTC meds to try to kill myself... What do I do and how do I go about it?
  3. C


    What can I do if something in my MH records isn't correct? My MH provider said I had suicide ideation as a kid and took OTC meds to try to kill myself... What do I do and how do I go about it?
  4. jquinn

    MEB/NARSUM Questions

    Hi! New to the forum and seeking some information and guidance. I'm AD Air Force and have just had my MEB process started for a medical situation that happened to me in 2018! Some background info: -Seizure episode x2 with in patient hospital stay now being managed with medication and followed...
  5. E

    Narsum Help Please

    Need some assistance please. I am being med boarded for PTSD and have been on a PTSD non deployable profile consistently for 20 months since I have been in the WTU. I was sent to the WTU for PTSD and a few other conditions. I have 20 years in the army and have been seeing Behavioral Health...
  6. B

    NARSUM is Getting Changed. Please Help!

    A little background of me. I was initiated for a MEB Jan 2019. At my current state in IDES, I want to get out of the military. I finished my MEB appointments Mar 2019. I received back my NARSUM and DA3947 a few weeks after completing my appointments. On the last day out of the 5 day appeal...
  7. C

    Overseas MEB? Help please

    I am stationed in Japan but in California for mental health treatment but my question is if I go back to Japan once "stabilized" can I continue my MEB there? I've been told yes and no im very confused. Thank you to anyone!
  8. B

    Uncured sleep apenia question

    My DOS is mid july and I've had my package pushed to AFPC twice while being denied due to lack of detials. I have trouble wearing my mask so I've stopped wearing it after trying multiple mask styles. I've now had an adnoidectomy and am schedule for PPP in mid may. Obviously, if its decided...
  9. U

    What next?

    Hello all. I was referred to MEB (P3 profile placed and signed by specialty clinic) on 28 March. I was told I would be contacted by a PEBLO within 3 business days, but it has been a couple weeks now and my P3 doesn't have the approving signature (second signature) yet. I reached out to my PCM...
  10. R

    Possible Error in Medical Retirement.

    Hi, everyone. I am new here, but I have a few questions regarding a situation. It is kind of complicated, so please bear with me on explaining a few of the details. I joined the Marine Corps in 2010 and in the winter of 2012, I became depressed due to work and relationship reasons (I found out...
  11. Pricegoudaprice

    Therapist wants to refer to MEB, records question

    Good evening, I’m being referred for MH,to a meb Usmc. I’m seeing a lot of advice about keeping my medical records updated, which makes sense. They need to review my history to make a judgment. However, the medical record that I have with the unit GAS/or BAS doesn’t have a whole lot (as far...
  12. RichDaniel

    Andersen AFB, Guam - Tripler Timeline

    Referred conditions: 1. Lumbar degenerative disc disease, degenerative arthritis/spondylosis/facet arthrosis, spinal canal stenosis with L4-L5 disc abutting the traversing bilateral L5 nerve roots, and L5-S1 disc protrusion that abuts the traversing left S1 nerve root. 2. Left L5 and S1...
  13. C

    Questions on MEB brand new to forum

    Anyone, please help me understand a little better. Back in 2017 I deployed in Jan. and was medevacked back to the states by the end of March after being hospitalized in Germany at the Army base. They removed a tumor/ lesion from my stomach with Gastro. I have had the gastro maybe 3 times. I lost...
  14. B

    Can I start MEB process and get surgeries after seperation?

    Hello, Quick Background: Conditions: Right knee, Right Ankle, Left Shoulder. Right knee - I have had 4 surgeries, 2 ACL reconstructions, High Tibial Osteotomy, 2 PLC reconstructions, Full Meniscal Transplant. Current status of knee, ACL is torn again, Severe arthritis, Mensicus is a mess, very...
  15. A

    Class Action Law Suit

    Is there anyone here that is willing to be included and help to start a Class Action Law Suit against the DOD, USAF, Army ext to include active duty and reserve component members that have been denied their legal rights under the corrupt medical board system. With the vast number of people on...
  16. N

    Completely NEW and LOST

    Hi All, Here's my situation. I'm an E6 in the North Carolina National Guard. I have never deployed as a Soldier with the Guard. I have worked as an AGR Recruiter (Title 32) from 2013-2015 and also 2016-2018. I left RRB both times due to Depression / Anxiety. The last time before I left I...
  17. T


    I was recently diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes last month, Marine corps infantryman I am 21 years old and am ready to move on with my life they have me doing nothing here, can anybody steer me in a direction to how I can make this go quicker please and thank you also any tips while going through...
  18. J

    Just started the MEB/PEB Process, really stressed out, looking for help understanding things

    I met with my PEBLO for the first time today, and I left with a lot more questions than when I came. I was referred for the meb/peb because of a my back, I have two herniated discs at L4-L5 and L5-S1. The back issues have caused hip and leg pain on the right side, I had a discectomy on January...
  19. 3

    Avoiding an MEB

    Hey all, first post. Some very knowledgeable people here, so I figured Id ask a copule of important questions I cant get answers to. Im a former active duty 11B, combat related PTSD, TBI, ect, 100 P and T with the VA. Im in the Army Reserve but am leaving due to my issues. Hung on and did the...
  20. J

    Ulcerative colitis

    Hello, 8-year Active Duty Air Force. I have been going through an IRILO due to an ulcerative colitis diagnosis in Sept 2018. I have never held a fitness/duty limiting profile or missed a day of work due to this issue. Presently, I have a mobility restriction profile which states "No...
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