1. N

    19 yr Reservist; potential PDQ & how to make 20

    I'm a reserve officer with 19 good years, 10.5 on active duty. I went to a medical retention board 10 years ago for a non service-related condition that seemed to clear up and hadn't given trouble till recently. I was cleared for worldwide deployment and mobilized a few years ago just fine...
  2. Sethmeisterrr

    Fort Sill Timeline COVID (mine but also looking for others timelines as well)

    16MAY- perm profile 02JUN- PEBLO assigned 05JUN- PEBLO made contact requested forms to initiate MEB 13JUL- (was gone for some time for personal reason) Scheduled my QTC appointments 11AUG- Finished my Final QTC appointment just waiting on my NARSUM 02SEP- Got NARSUM back only thing I had issues...
  3. Sethmeisterrr


    Im hoping the answers here helps others who have the same questions as me... About how long after you signed your NARSUM did you get your FIT/UNFIT MEMO? After being found UNFIT and getting your ratings what is there left in the process to do (im assuming you just wait for your orders and if so...
  4. T

    Recommended for MEB after approved for ETS. Do I need to submit a memorandum to HRC to withdraw my original approved ETS request?

    Hello all. Here is my situation: - Prior to spring 2020, I was approved for an ETS date of 01 September 2020. - During spring of 2020, I was recommended for MEB. - My commander has approved my medical extension - I have completed a sworn affidavit memorandum to voluntarily remain on active...
  5. A

    Can Med Board discharge you as a "Condition Not A Disability"?

    Can Med Board discharge you as a "Condition Not A Disability"? I'm Active Duty, USMC and I was put onto a Med Board due to my mental health conditions. In my treatment records from one of the first MTF psychologist I saw, upon arriving to my first duty station, she said my conditions were...
  6. R

    Separation Pay Amount Confusion

    Hey everyone, currently on terminal leave and have a quick question. Looking at my DD-214 it lists my separation pay amount but after finally doing some math it amounts to a much larger amount than it is supposed to. From what I was tracking it is BASE PAYx2 MONTHSxYEARS IN SERVICE and that the...
  7. Sethmeisterrr

    Does anyone have a full or partial timeline for FT SILL?

    I see lots of timelines for other stations. I am army and just wondering if someone who went through the MEB process at SILL can give me their timeline so I may have an idea of what mine may be?
  8. Sethmeisterrr

    Va rate possibility

    Hello! I had made a post about this and took it down right after due to an error... But im wondering if anyone has an IDEA of the possible rating I could receive for the things ive claimed on my MEB. I do understand it can all change etc but I was curious if someone might be able to give me a...
  9. Sethmeisterrr

    Predictions anyone?

    I'm going through the MEB process currently I just finished my last QTC exam and am waiting for my NARSUM. My question is whether or not in your opinion will I be found fit or unfit based on my referred injury? It is quite confusing but essentially I've been referred to the meb due to back pain...
  10. Sethmeisterrr

    MEB Timeline (COVID)

    Hello, Ive been reading a lot of threads on this website and the information is really quite useful! But things are a touch different during the pandemic so im wondering if anyone knows the General amount of time remaining after your last QTC exam? Frankly, I am eager fir the whole process to be...
  11. A

    How does paying back the severance pay work?

    I'm Active Duty USMC and am on a Med Board. If you end up being offered severance pay and not medical retirement (because of a DOD rating less than 30%), do you have to pay it all back before you can collect ANY VA Disability compensation? I was under the assumption you couldn't even collect a...
  12. A

    About to meet with MEB attorney, what should I expect?

    I'm active duty USMC and was recently put onto a Med Board. I've already turned in my medical records to the PEBLO, and the next step is to meet with the attorney. I know one thing he will ask, is weather or not I want to do the IDES process (which I already know I do want to do). I was...
  13. A

    Would my condition be considered service connected?

    I'm on a Med Board for a mental health condition, that really embarrassing. But it's caused other issues that I've been diagnosed with, such as anxiety, depression, and OCD. I was wondering, could the VA deny my condition(s) as not being service related, even if they were all diagnosed in...
  14. A

    Any advice on filling out the VA Form 21-0819?

    I'm trying to get ahead of the game, as I haven't been assigned an MSC yet. I heard they will have you fill out part of the VA Form 21-0819 when you meet with them. I was wondering about "Section 11. ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS". So, this part isn't a trick or anything correct? This is where I need...
  15. A

    Do you need a VSO if you're going through the MEB/PEB Process?

    I'm confused, if I was put onto a MEB (IDES) and I was wondering will I be able to use a VSO to help me with the VA Appointments/Claims part? Or how is that supposed to work?
  16. A

    How does the VA Portion of the MEB Process work?

    I'm active duty USMC, and was just recently referred to the MEB by my Mental Health Docs. I chose to do the (IDES) process, and I was wondering what I can expect to take place next and how the VA portion worked? So far the following has happened: - The referral was sent over to the MEB by...
  17. I

    PTSD MEB Need help

    I have been in almost 7years. I have been diagnosed with PTSD from an accident when I tried to save a kid from burning in a car. 4 kids died. I lost 30 pounds Don’t get sleep Don’t eat often Nightmares Sometime I can’t drive. Can’t do flames I have no relationship to my family I’m married...
  18. A

    Navy MEB PTSD

    Hello all, any advice or comments on my situation would be very helpful. to start off, I have an appointment tomorrow with my LCSW who is going to be submitting my MEB package. As to this part, I’m wondering what happens from there? Is there anything I need to do? Where does this go? My referee...
  19. U

    MEB starting

    Hello, I just received word today about my MEB starting. I was disqualified for continued military service during the IRILO stage. I was given an LOD for my Ulcerative Colitis and Major Depressive Disorder while on active duty orders (I'm a Reservist). I am currently taking Remicade (for my...
  20. C

    Bipolar MEB in Germany

    Hello all, I am a long time lurker but this is my first post. For a little background: Been active duty Air Force for 7 years. Recently diagnosed with Bipolar II after a long run of failed medications. I have also had suicidal ideation and it has been terribly difficult for me to do my job...
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