1. B

    MEB For Required Medications due to Cyclothymia

    So, I was diagnosed with cyclothymia (Bipolar Type 2’s little brother) and was put on Lamictal. The Psychiatrist who is a Major told me that I’d be put through a MEB because you cannot be on those meds and on Active Duty. She said I would get medical retirement because of that, did she mean...
  2. O

    NEW IDES Timeline 23 July 2019

    DTM pdf original IDES timeline pdf has key info highlighted for easier reading
  3. O

    DTM-18-004 Revised IDES Timeline Change 1

    DTM-18-004 is the same as IDES timeline, except I have highlighted some key information on the IDES pdf..
  4. S

    MEB intiated for Ulcerative Colitis, What are my chances of staying in?

    I've been in the Air Force for almost 6 years. I've had the UC for 4 years but I have never had a MEB until now. My doctor says there's a very low chance I'll get the boot since my UC is really mild and I don't have to take strong meds. However, I really want to hear from people who have...
  5. L

    UC with inflammatory arthritis MEB/PEB

    I am a member of the nat’l guard with about 10 years of service. I was diagnosed about a year ago with moderate to severe universal ulcerative colitis with inflammatory arthritis secondary to the UC. I’ve been lucky and responded well to Imuran and Humira. I am meeting with our State Surgeon...
  6. M

    No longer able to lookup wooded warrior MEB Docket?

    So I was checking to see if I could see if there were any new file drops for PDBR. My dock # is in the 2017 group and I used to be able to view what dockets have received a decision on becoming retired or not. The last thing I heard from the AF on the matter is that it was waiting on the VA for...
  7. aliceaje

    So Conflicting EMG Exams on Referred condition... Reassure me please.

    Ok, so did me PSO C&P this past Mon, and did my PHY C&P this morning. During this morning's exam, as she was going through the various statements by doctors, profiles, etc, she noted that a military doctor at BAMC gave me a EMG that came back normal, which contradicted my primary Neurologists'...
  8. N

    MEB just initiated. What now?

    Hello, My PCM called 2 days ago and said that he would be initiating an MEB for me. So I'm curious, what's next? Background: I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in Oct of 2017 and have been on and off (most on) pt and mobility profiles since then. I've had 2 full workups with rheumatology, 2 full...
  9. B

    Commanders Statement Rebuttal

    Good NARSUM. However, my commander wrote that I was an awesome airman and my conditions do not effect my job. Should I submit a rebuttal to that and highlight my duty limitations. My supervisor also said she would put in some input. I do not want to say too much because it could effect me...
  10. 254wondering

    IDES process moving- rating help with referring conditions

    Hello all, I am glad to post an update that I finally heard from my PEBLO. Within a month I was able to file my VA claim. I think this is normal for the timeline though. However i'm a little worried about my referring condition for DOD. I do want to aim for the 30% because i still need to get...
  11. T


    I am going through the IDES process here on Bragg. I signed my NARSUM 13 June 2019 and it was sent up 14 June 2019. Anyone been through the process that can tell me what to expect next and about when to expect it? Or can you share your timelines so I can get an estimate? My wife is due 14...
  12. L


    okay so my MEB process started Jan 12 2019. My last appointment with the VA 4 JUNE 2019. My PEBLO told me the VA hasn’t updated my stuff since 23 MAY 2019!! What the heck!? He said “I’ll give them an email” (this was on Monday). I’m just frustrated. can I contact the VA myself and see what the...
  13. T

    PTSD Meets Retention Standard

    Good morning everyone. I have recently received my NARSUM and they advised that my PTSD diagnoses meets retention standards. Not sure how I can be found to have "reduced reliability and productivity" and still be found fit for duty. The psychiatrist on Fort Hood diagnosed me with Adjustment...
  14. B

    Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

    Hello all, I’m new here and this will be my first post. To recap on what I got going on I’m active duty in the Air Force and last October I was diagnosed with CML. I was due to PCS to Andrews AFB in the month of my diagnosis and obviously those orders got cancelled. Now I’m doing well and the...
  15. T

    Genetic diseases

    Hello everyone, Active duty Marine here. I have recently been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) which is a genetic disease. There is a vast range of severity for this disease, and I am on the low end, but nevertheless it makes me undeployable. So assuming they push me out, does anyone have...
  16. N

    PCM sent wrong info to DAWG?!

    Hi all, Im struggling with getting my MEB process rolling the right way. I was injured in July 2017- shattered both wrists requiring 2 surgeries per hand and incurred TBI. I now have limited motion and arthritis in both wrists. Was told MEB started on oct 2. 2018. Oct 15 MEB returned me for...
  17. aliceaje

    3 Attept at MEB initiation

    So I have been dealing with diagnosed tremors (orthostatic, and essential), and polyneuropathy. Over the course of nearly 2 years, since the time of the diagnosis, I have had 2 MEB packets sent up, both denied withing 2 weeks. So now, we just did an NTC rotation, and I noticed the symptoms...
  18. E

    MEB for Bipolar II disorder

    I was told I may get Medically retired do to my MEB being 2 different diagnoses but they took one diagnose off and just Med boarding me for Bipolar II disorder. So now may get medically separated but its still possible that i get medically retired. What should I expect? I finished both my C&P...
  19. T


    Good afternoon everyone, New to the site and want to say thank you in advance for any and all responses. I've been reading through some of the threads to see general timelines but I understand there are a myriad of factors that affect an individual's timeline. I was referred to the Army MEB...
  20. C


    What can I do if something in my MH records isn't correct? My MH provider said I had suicide ideation as a kid and took OTC meds to try to kill myself... What do I do and how do I go about it?
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