mental disorders

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    What should you do about incorrect information in your medical records?

    I'm active duty USMC, and am on a Med Board. I was going through my Medical Records, and noticed some notes (Previous Encounter Notes & Clinician Notes) that were entered by one of the doctors I used to see. In them, she wrote that several of my Mental Health Conditions had "existed prior to...
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    Would my condition be considered service connected?

    I'm on a Med Board for a mental health condition, that really embarrassing. But it's caused other issues that I've been diagnosed with, such as anxiety, depression, and OCD. I was wondering, could the VA deny my condition(s) as not being service related, even if they were all diagnosed in...
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    Mental Disorders DBQ - Can my civilian psychiatrist fill this out?

    Happy New Year All - especially to anyone reading this from the Middle East. Quick background: Navy IDES but NARSUM not yet submitted. QTC Contractor - PhD - Did My TBI/Cognitive Dysfunction/Depression Exam using the Initial Post Traumatic Stress Disorder DBQ QTC Contractor -MD Neurologist -...
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    Need Help with EPTS Rebuttal

    Greetings All, I have been in the service for a little over 2.5 years. Late 2015 I became really anxious while performing job duties (briefings, interviews, etc). At first, it was just intermittent and performance-related. However, by December, it had progressed to panic attack-provoking...
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    I've posted once before about my process. I have been in on active duty navy for 10 years. Was diagnosed with anxiety disorder in 2011. Symptoms are still really bad, I have to take medication to help with my mood, panic attacks still occur daily. I just received my C&P results and Narsum. I am...
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