1. Pricegoudaprice

    Admin Sep for mental health?

    Greetings all, I’m being recommended for a 2nd Limdu for MDD. I’ve been on a list of medications, have not missed an appointment and do everything as required. My psychiatrist changed my diagnosis to adjustment disorder a couple months ago and it seems my therapist and psychiatrist are in...
  2. S

    Treatment after separation

    What is going to happen if I don't seek mental health treatment after I get separated and the re-evaluation comes up? Are you supposed to seek treatment and is it required? I don't know about you but I absolutely hated sitting in a chair talking to some psych over my problems. Will they lower my...
  3. D

    PTSD NOT being considered for my MEB

    Diagnosed with PTSD and medicated at Bragg after deployment but somehow no paperwork on it is "in the system". I've been on zoloft and mini press for over a year here at Fort Sill prescribed by regular PCM doctor for PTSD. Finally started MEB for airborne injury to foot, ankle, and PTSD. But...
  4. A

    Am I being fucked over?

    According to my mental health PCM, I was originally being boarded for Major Depressive Disorder with psychotic features, PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, and Insomnia. (I'm USAF by the way) My NARSUM states that I only have Major Depressive Disorder, Severe, Recurrent (unfitting/severe), Social Anxiety...
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