peb final

  1. A

    How long is it taking to hit TRANSPROC right now?

    Sorry if this isn't the right place, but can anyone tell me how long I should expect transproc to take? I'm severely in need of my orders. Failing that, can someone explain who this part of the process is actually going through? I asked my PEBLO both of these questions and he got upset and...
  2. L

    Chances of active duty?

    Hello all, Thanks in advance for your input. My current situation is that I have a 10% DoD rating and was found unfit to return to duty (appointment where this was assessed was about 3 minutes long). I am in medical school at the moment on a combination scholarship/vocational rehab (chapter...
  3. NavyVeteran

    TDRL Final PEB Findings

    I called the PEB office in DC and was told my findings were mailed out to the Pentagon and then onward to me. I been waiting quite a while and still have not received anything yet. Does anyone know how else I can find an updated status on my findings? I checked on Ebenefits but no luck there, I...
  4. NavyVeteran

    PEB Telephone number

    Who do you call if your TDRL final physical was sent to the PEB but you have not heard from them (90 days) with a final deciion (SEVERANCE, PDRL, FIT) ? Thank you and God Bless!!!
  5. NavyVeteran

    Final TDRL Physical 5 years

    I just had my final physical for my TDRL, I am almost at my 5 year mark. The doctor saw me yesterday and I am just trying to get a ball park of how long does it usually take to get a decision back from the PEB? Thank you in advance.
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