1. Woznica

    Waiver for Reenlistment Process Questions - RE3 JFV - Honorable Discharge - Adjustment Disorder w/ Depressed Mood

    Hello everyone, I will try to keep this as simple as possible. I was discharged from the Army with an RE Code 3, Separation Code JFV, and an Honorable Discharge back in January, 2012. Adjustment disorder with depressed mood. I have finally found an Air National Guard recruiter that actually...
  2. Jason Perry

    Beckham v. United States 2018-07-19

    This Court of Claims case (which, as the predecessor court to the US Court of Federal Claims, is binding precedent in the Federal Circuit), has many important issues addressed in the holdings. Included are the issues of waiver of claims, the timing of the disability on claims, and the...
  3. A

    Protein S Deficiency

    Hello all, I was recently diagnosed with protein s deficiency after I encountered a blood clot in my left calf during a flight school in Yuma, Arizona. Years ago, while in the USMC I encountered a transient ischemic attack with no other symptoms and was subsequently issued a waiver to ensure...
  4. S

    State orders va comp???

    My husband was just awarded 40% for mental and wrist. He is still in the la national guard, in August he was on state orders for the flood for a few weeks. I know that you have to waive either va pay or drill pay because you can't be paid both. But state orders aren't federal pay so would he...
  5. C

    14yr e6 AGR with AirGuard on MEB status as of 21Feb

    So my husband is very concerned and is not getting many answers on his fate. A little back story... He's got 8yrs AD wth the AF and did the Palace Chase for his remaining 2 years left of his AD enlistment to transfer to the Air National Guard serving a minimum of 4 years. He is now past that...
  6. J

    New to the MEB process

    I have been in for 3 years. 2 of which were spent in Tech School (I was at DLI for Urdu and reclassed into Finance after several deaths in my family hindered me from completing school). I have an injury from Basic training (left knee dislocation which has subsequently led to issue with...
  7. C

    CRSC, VA waiver

    Greetings, BLUF: Letter from CRSC application; Subject: Army CRSC Ineligible Letter (Claim#....): Dear Retired Soldier: This letter is in response to your correspondence dated November .. 2015, regarding your claim for Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC). We reviewed your...
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