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  • Hi,

    I went to the MEB office to sign my package. The package naratives are all messed up. This will allow me time for any advice and or corrections from my PCM.


    How important is it for me to hit my 19 year mark on 13 Nov 08? My back is very bad along with other issues and I'm worried about supporting my family. I've given the AF the best years of my life only to be tossed away, what happened to our AF family?


    I really need some quick advice. I am hitting 19 years in the AF on 13 Nov 08 and they are MEBing me for 2x back surgeries L5/S1, PTSD and depression. The MEB office is insisting I come in and sign the MEB package that will go to randolf AFB. I do not know and or understand what I'm signing as my memory/comprehension is shot. I am trying to get my wife to go, but they are pushing me to sign. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    TSgt Carper, Timothy refered you to me.

    TSgt Freeman, Steve
    Hello Jason I am new to the site however I have been reading around the forum for a few months know. I am beeing medically boarded for herniated disk with spinal cord impignment or something like that. I have C-3 thru C-7 herniated with riducolpathy and left arm weaknes. They came back with the findings and gave me 10% plus severence I have been active duty for the past 12yrs and 4month however they put down I have been active for 10.8 yrs. I rebutled the findings and know I am waiting for a date to see the formal board. What are my chances of getting a higher rating? Thanks for all your help.
    Hi, Jason--

    We're having a difficult time finding answers and hoped you could help. My fiance's situation is this:

    He is a SGT, E-6, in the Army Nat'l Guard, time of service is just over 7 years. Served two tours in Iraq (first in Army; second in Nat'l Guard). He's been diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury, Cancer, and PTSD (all are LOD). He has asked for a Medical Board thru his unit. They sent him to NG State Headquarters where a doctor signed a "profile" form for LOD injury rendering him unfit for duty due to TBI. The doctor stated the Army would discharge him, but that he wouldn't be up for medical retirement since he hadn't served 20 years. Rather, the VA would be responsible for any and all compensation and pension thru the VA disability claims process. Then he stamped and signed a paper to be returned to the medical office on-base where they would contact his unit for his medical documents.

    We're very confused because other soldiers (as well as my research online) have told us he should be considered for permanent disability retirement thru the Army (as well as VA disability). We learned at this meeting that a Medical Board is in three stages, and we assume we've moved onto the second, but quite frankly don't know if he's even still in the process. Nobody can fill us in on what a Medical Board even is, or what to expect, what's going on, or how to proceed. I'm afraid this soldier will fall through the cracks. Could you please advise or refer someone who could?

    Thank you, sincerely,

    Hi, I'm an Air Force member, been in the military almost 11 years. I've been having back problems for a few years and last year in late October/early November, my doctor requested an MEB on me. I've been on medical hold since then. Spangdahlem sat on the package for awhile, they did not turn it in to AFPC until April of this year. AFPC sent it back and the doctor and commander had to redo the letter. It was sent back to AFPC June 20. My DEROS ended July 1st and we still have not heard anything. Spangdahlems request was for me to return to duty and put me in a C1 profile.(Waiting on final approval from AFPC)
    Currently my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and she's going through chemo right now. I really want to be near her during this time in her life. My 1sgt offered a humanitarian assignment as soon as the MEB was completed. Yet here we are September 5th, nothing from AFPC. I check in with PEBLO every week, so has my 1sgt, Commander and Wing Commander, but nothing.
    I'm at my wits end. Is it possible to complain to my senator. This is affecting my family and I tremendously. We can't plan for nothing, I can't help my sister out. It's just a mess. Do you have any suggestions???

    [email protected]

    Update: 6 Sept 08.
    I received an email from PEBLO, they said that AFPC was short manned that it will take 4-6 weeks for an answer. What the heck??? Apparently they ha 7 case officers now only 4 is left. They have to many to go through? Is this anyway related to the changes that is supposed to be happening with the MEB's?

    I was reading through one of the mental health forums and found one discussion about an E-7 military member that was hospitalized and diagnosed bipolar. In one section of the discussion, you explained that some people you've known were hospitalized and then later were found fit and returned to duty. What kind of issues were they having and what assisted them in returning to duty?



    [email protected]

    I can tell that you are an expert on these processes. Would it be possible for me to e-mail you my packet and give me your expert opinion. I am active duty army e-7 with 18 years and 3 months of active duty time, I have a lot to lose. The packet does have all of my personal "business" and such in it but I completely trust you. Thanks...


    [email protected]
    I'm active duty Air Force and had surgery for a brain tumor over six months ago. Athough working normal duty, I have been profiled ever since. I was just assigned a PEBLO an told my MEB will be processed soon. I understand every situation is different, but I need advice or news of a similar case. Everyone has just given generic "checklists" and I feel like my career is in limbo!

    Thankyou in advance.
    Yes I was just wondering I am in the air force and they diagnosed me with asthma and I hurt my right wrist in Iraq, do they discharge people for asthma. My Commander basically told them in a letter he does not feel I should be retained to the ipeb. I am wondering if that letter also plays a big part of it also they sent my package down June 5 and they came back on Aug 18 for my range of motion on my right wrist, I am just wondering do you think they will retain me and how much longer will they take for them to make their decision my peblo faxed them my rom paper on Aug 20 thank you for your help.
    I am worried that me ex-wife is going to try and get part of my severance pay. She has already asked for 8K to help her out. Also, we are going through property division right now and agreed to sign an agreement outside of court and submit it to the judge. Should I have an attorney draft the document for me? I am worried that I won't write it correctly and it won't finalize property division, giving her the right to re-open the case to ask for more money. Also, my number is (302)233-0649 or (302)677-6044.
    I am worried that me ex-wife is going to try and get part of my severance pay. She has already asked for 8K to help her out. Also, we are going through property division right now and agreed to sign an agreement outside of court and submit it to the judge. Should I have an attorney draft the document for me? I am worried that I won't write it correctly and it won't finalize property division, giving her the right to re-open the case to ask for more money.
    I'll hit you up as soon as I know what is going on with the Air Force. I am so frustrated with them leaving me in limbo like this, I can hardly take it. If my Commander would have let me keep selling Real Estate, I wouldn't have minded the wait, but now I am still paying all the Realtor fees, but making zero extra money. I just wish they could tell me the outcome. What do you do? Hurry up and wait, I guess.
    Im getting chaptered under 5-13 and my wife is 6 1/2 months preg and i wanted to know if she would still be covered till after the baby is born by the military insurance. Thank you.

    My husband has served in the Coast Guard for 13yrs and last year he underwent surgery for a pituatary tumor. He has lost three hormonal functions and is currently taking three medications to replace those lost functions. Also he may still have some residual tissue left.

    Last week we received a letter stating that he is unfit for duty and will be placed on the temporary disability retirement list until he is stable or able to be permently retired. They've placed him at a 40 percent disability rating.

    My question is, is should we accept this and move forward or should we fight to keep him in? He's a Bm1 and is currently number one on the service wide and is both ashore and afloat officer in charge qualified. We stand to lose so much, all the hard work it took to get to this point and now he's deemed unfit. My husband loves his job and is having a hard time seeing himself doing anything else.

    We also are going to lose 75 percent of his pay and are very overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Is it just me or have I been reading a lot of posts regarding MEB and PEB shenanigans when it comes to patients on coumadin? Every medical doctor I have spoken to has said that the drug is entirely incompatible with military service and yet I am seeing reports (mine included) of fit findings. Is this a new issue, or has it always been this way?

    Good morning Sir,

    My PCM is starting a MEB on me for Neurogenic Bladder due to nuerological diseaese, herniated discs, depression, and migranes (I also have sleep apnea). My PCM is a young Doc with little experience writing NARSUM and I do not want to be incorrectly represented. Are there such things as sample NARSUMs that Docs can use as reference when they are drafting theirs? Thank you for your help
    I am an AD E6 stationed in Kings Bay GA. I currently hold the position of LIMDU coordinator for my command. We have a 29.5 year Mater Chief who currently has a PEB dictated for a neurological problem that has pretty much incapacitated him for the last year. He is deaf without his hearing aid and is in a wheel chair. He has some other idiopathic diagnoses and the meds he has been taking for a year now aren't helping. I was told by our personnel department, med boards office, BUPERS, and D.C. not to pursue a PEB because he was so close to HYT that they would just find him fit to retire and send him on his way. Myself and the member feel that if he has a disability (not preexisting) then the Navy should recognize that disability commensurate with his 29.5 years of service. If anyone is UNFIT, it's this guy. It's really sad because he is a god-like figure in this area and would give you the shirt off his back. He's a pretty big guy so that shirt covers alot of people. We also intend to appeal if he is found fit. Either way he is out in APR 09. I read your blob on Fit vs Unfit and it explained alot. I think it is the reason the med boards office told him the PEB was for young people not old salts. Do you think we are fighting a loosing battle? I am writing his NMA tonight and submitting it through my COC for chop. Any more key words and tricky phrases?
    I was just reading your profile. I noticed that you are an attorney. I am considering going for an MBA or pursuing a JD. What are your thoughts about job prospects in law? A friend of mine passed the bar in Delaware and couldn't find a job in the local area. In addition, how difficult was law school and passing the bar? With all that I went through to get my BS in Computer Science, not sure that I want to enter another difficult program. I think it might be too difficult to work full-time and complete a JD.
    Your inputs are greatly appreciated,
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