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  • Drove down to Austin for a Pain Management Clinic today...they want to do Epidural Steroid Injections....have u had these??? I wonder if they will work after having pain for over a year u know?
    Had Pt. 2 Physical today and they did the range of motion on me. I am pretty sure he said forward flexion was 75 deg, and backwards 25. I do not know what my side to side was. Of course I was not having a flare up today...but as soon as that was all done i was. He told me I HAD to go past the point of the start of pain. I was ticked. I was hurting bad. He did not really talk about what happens during flare ups other than what my pain levels were during those. You think I will get screwed on this? This is all ticking me off.
    no no take your time man....im just prepping my case...i want everything in order for when everything gets sent to the members of the MEB...im going to be completely honest with ya, I want OUT. I do not want to deal with the army way of life anymore. It's just too hard and I have a feeling I may get screwed. Hopefully the pain doc I see on Thursday will diagnose me with something to take to the board. But take your time, no rush.
    Email me at [email protected] b/c I want to send you a letter I wrote for review. My wife is typing up one as we speak and I will probably send that one at a later time.
    hey you have an email i can send something to you to look at....let me know if you think this would help???
    Getting the hang of this site - figured I would send you a message since you seem to be very knowledgeable and I want to thank you for your comments to the people in these forums. You and Jason, and the others are doing one hell of a thing here. Like you I plan on giving my insights on a lot of things here due to my issues. I do not know how things are going to play out but am willing to post findings, appointments, reccomendations, etc. like you and the others. So, thanks a lot and I still need to figure out some things on this site, but I am getting a lot of information on here.
    Nick Lawless
    Thanks for the open door policy. I am in desperate need of venting, so I appreciate the offer. How is your situation progressing. I'm at heart attack +100 days and my MEB still hasn't made it off OSAN!! I lit a fire under the PEBLO's office today (Monday) and told them they have 48 hours to produce my Independent Medical Review or I will initiate an IG and Congressional. Interestingly enough, I was assigned an independent reviewer minutes later and have an 0900 appointment with him tomorrow morning. I'm just frustrated as h3ll that I have to be an a$$ before anything starts moving!!

    Ok, that's enough of a rant...thanks for listening.

    Just wanted to say hello. You're a very prolific writer on this forum and it sounds like we may have some similarities in our dealings with the AF DES.
    hi i have until tommorrow to accept the findings which i agreed to already should i push for a formal and risk losing 50%. tdrl and combat related on alot of my stuff
    Rob, not sure were else to go but trying to get some help. Questions are a soldier after 34 years of service, been deployed, has a lod pending with no communication os of this date, injured while in IDT status, packet went before the QRB board came back after the rebuttal with non retain. Should his file gone before the QRB board while the LOD packet is still pending? He is still in recovery period, TAG's letter states being retired as of 30 September. He has not and is not receiving end cap pay. Do you know which regulation states he can not be discharged until after recovery period and/or his file should not have gone before the QRB? He is also a federal technician. thanks
    I also would like you to email me formats for individuals, coworkers and friend writing letters! I just received my informal board for 30% permanent, but feel I must appeal.


    David Shannonhouse (AFDAVE)
    [email protected]

    I was looking at the Forum: "Re: I Need AF Commanders Letter Example" and saw that you offered several formats for individuals, co-worker, friend writing letters. Could you shoot me an email with those attachments?


    [email protected]
    Rob, Any chance I could email you with a few questions IRT your back issues? Seems I have a similar situation will probably need to do an appeal soon. Soem smaple letters would be great too. [email protected] Thanks
    Hey, I saw your message in the thread about AF commander's letter. Any examples or templates you have would be of great assistance. I was just diagnosed with MS 2 days ago and the next step is the MEB.
    Hi Rob - Yes, I have Vista, so I believe it's got the newest Windows version (filenames are written as 'docx'?)
    Thanks so much, man! : )
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