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  • Thank you brother for your replies. I wish I was part of a "real" unit while I was there instead of my "augmentee" status. I have./had done as you suggested; I have "hard landing" everywhere in my records except with the PEB for some reason.................I dunno I guess they don't believe my records, I just don't know what to show to prove. I mean, hell, if I am entitiled to not pay back the severance why should I just because they don't wanna research?
    I'm not sure if this is the correct way to send an email on this board! (yes, I am new!) Anyways, I would still like the commander's letters. My email address is [email protected]

    Also, do you have any insight on my question regarding a letter from the ROTC commander for my MEB?
    Rob, Thanks for all the info. I'm new to this sight and i wanted to send you my# so I can ask you about my situation. I have a ton of questions

    Can you clarify a few things for me.
    1. Who sent the MEB (your ANG medical unit or an ADAF Medical Group)?
    2. Where did they send it? (Guard Bureau in DC, AFPC, an ADAF Med Group)?
    3. Where is the Medical commander you are calling?
    I love all your pics. Must have taken you a while to get them loaded...I'll get more up this week. Talk to you soon. Felicia
    Hey, Its firecat, i don't always check this site so you can email me at [email protected] also. Look at my latest post and you will see the narrative summary from my doctor. Do you have an email address i can send to. I have lots of questions, both on the MED board process for the Air force, and my actual back injury itself. Thanks alot.
    Man Rob its impossible for us to get a hold of each other at the same time. hit me up some time at 765-430-8318 that the new # got some catching up to do. i need to start getting back on here but until the wifey gets a job I am tied up.
    Hello!. I got back in town a day early so we made it to Social Security today. I had to go because SS decided I needed to handle his money. Because we have a six year old and an eight year old, we will get money for them also. Just with Social Security, we will get $1229 for him, plus $307 for each child.
    The Social Security man said that in order for your claim to be processed, your injury must be five months old. They dated Hubby's PTSD injury date as the day he entered the hospital for the first time, December 19, 2007. He did not apply to Social Security until June so his five month waiting period was over and they processed his claim immediately. Hope things are going well for you!
    Hello! We got a call from Social Security today (July 14) that said Hubby's SSD claim was approved. They did not have him come in for any physicals. He had already given SS a copy of his medical record when he made the initial claim. We go in Wednesday (I'm out of town until tomorrow) to sign papers because I have to sign something as well as him. Our total time in the process was no more than six weeks from initial paperwork to today's phone call. How's your situation going??
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