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  1. Hawaii5-0

    NEW AF guidance-Med Standards Directory Sep 19

    Here is the New MSD (SEP 19) as well as 36-3212 & 41-210. I'm including the PEBLO/IRILO/MED hold forms just for your awareness.
  2. jeremymays92

    TDRL Appointment - Do I need to request my VA records?

    I am scheduled for a TDRL re-evaluation for the Air Force coming up at Scott Air Force Base. When they ask for you to provide records, the VA tells me my file is too big to release to me which is strange given it is for an evaluation. I was told again the same thing for a Social Security...
  3. S

    MEB intiated for Ulcerative Colitis, What are my chances of staying in?

    I've been in the Air Force for almost 6 years. I've had the UC for 4 years but I have never had a MEB until now. My doctor says there's a very low chance I'll get the boot since my UC is really mild and I don't have to take strong meds. However, I really want to hear from people who have...
  4. N

    MEB just initiated. What now?

    Hello, My PCM called 2 days ago and said that he would be initiating an MEB for me. So I'm curious, what's next? Background: I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in Oct of 2017 and have been on and off (most on) pt and mobility profiles since then. I've had 2 full workups with rheumatology, 2 full...
  5. B

    Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

    Hello all, I’m new here and this will be my first post. To recap on what I got going on I’m active duty in the Air Force and last October I was diagnosed with CML. I was due to PCS to Andrews AFB in the month of my diagnosis and obviously those orders got cancelled. Now I’m doing well and the...
  6. jeremymays92

    When are you notified of removal from TDRL?

    I was placed on TDRL on March 10, 2015 and my upcoming 5 year expiration mark is coming up next year March 2020, about 8-9 months left. The Air Force has only scheduled me for one TDRL Exam which I made sure to attend and it took place on January 2018. A month later, I received the letter of...
  7. J

    Fibromyalgia Diag. from Rheumatologist, new PCM & DAWG lead refuse to take any action

    Sorry this is a bit long, but I really need some input here. 11 year enlisted AD AF. 6 years after a deployment, increasing joint, shoulder, leg and ankle pain lead to 3 years of only PT testing on pushups/situps/waist. Constant pain, shoulder muscle spasms, hand tremors/shakes, headaches, bad...
  8. jquinn

    MEB/NARSUM Questions

    Hi! New to the forum and seeking some information and guidance. I'm AD Air Force and have just had my MEB process started for a medical situation that happened to me in 2018! Some background info: -Seizure episode x2 with in patient hospital stay now being managed with medication and followed...
  9. C

    Overseas MEB? Help please

    I am stationed in Japan but in California for mental health treatment but my question is if I go back to Japan once "stabilized" can I continue my MEB there? I've been told yes and no im very confused. Thank you to anyone!
  10. E

    IDES - AF Timeline & VA C&P Exams

    Hi All, I was found unfit (didn't fight the IRILO and chose IDES) and my VA claim was filed on 15 JAN 19. My PEBLO estimated I would be out by end of April but there's no way that's going to happen at this point and I have a job in Dallas with a 1 JUN start date. I've been pretty patience up...
  11. B

    IPEB Recommended TDRL For 60% Rated Asthma

    Hi, I recently went through an MEB in the Air Force and was found unfit for duty and recommended for TDRL with 60% rating for asthma. I was really hoping it would be PDRL and my PEBLO seemed shocked as well that it wasn’t. I requested a Formal Board in order to change it from TDRL to PDRL. Do I...
  12. J

    MEB no PEBLO?

    Hi all I am new to this site, I was notified I was undergoing an MEB 10 months ago but have not been introduced to a PEBLO and have not been updated on the MEB status since. Please see my other post here. Any input is appreciated...
  13. J

    Code 37 since Feburary...need help

    Hello I am an 11yr TSgt, I served 4yrs active duty in the AF and have been part time in the ANG since. I was in a car accident in December of last year and experienced a TBI. Since then I have routinely seen two neurologists, done physical therapy, cognitive rehab, psychiatrists etc. For the...
  14. S

    New Timeline, Being MEB for Back

    Hey guys, new to the forum, currently being MEB'd for my back, just looking to get some guidance and hope to learn more about the process, especially since i have a PEBLO who is new to his postion. Thank you! Sept 5 2018: Code 37 initiated Oct 17 2018: Full MEB Directed Oct 22 2018: Meeting...
  15. B


    Hello I was just informed that I’m being medically retired @ 80%. I have the option to apply for LAS, but at what cost? Will regular longevity retirement as well as disibility checks be cut like concurrent reciept? I’ve seen other posts that their disability was lowered after completion of LAS...
  16. A

    AFPC IPEB Results - Return to Duty

    Hey everyone, I'm an Air Force O-4 rated officer (aviator) with 10+ years AD and currently serving in a non-flying staff billet. I was MEB'd for Chronic Back Pain (Disc Degeneration), Shoulder Pain (Impingement), and Periodic Limb Movement and just received AFPC IPEB results of "Return to...
  17. B

    Need Help MEB/RILO v.s. Admin Sep

    I’m trying to make sense of everything that is happening. I am active duty Air Force with less than 7 months left in service. I have been in over 7 years and I was just told today that I am facing an administrative separation or an MEB due to being on profile for fitness and duty restrictions. I...
  18. A

    MEB, Leave, and Moving On

    First, let me say Thank You to everyone of this forum offering advice. I'm an Air Force O-4 with 11 yrs AD time. I was planning to separate in Nov 2018, join the IRR, and go to grad school. After grad school, I would resume life as a TR or IMA in the Reserves. When I went in to see my PCM...
  19. T

    My chances of AirForce Surgeon General approval

    To sum it all up. I had gotten an S/P ORIF on my left leg 4 years ago. My recruiter took all of my medical records of the surgery and sent it to the Surgeon General. A couple of weeks go by and my recruiter calls me and says that it kicked back, and that they were requesting additional info. The...
  20. jeremymays92

    Anyone recently had a TDRL Re-Evaluation?

    I am coming up for a TDRL Re-Evaluation with the Air Force and have a question on the Direct Deposit Form 2231. In box 2, Where it says Type of Payment (Net Pay, Travel, Other Federal employment related payments) which one applies in my case? The document is attached here for you to see. I...
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