behavioral health

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    Can the med board process or VA change your referred mental health condition?

    Hello all, I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia and entered the ides/med board system. I had an appointment with an ides doctor to review my physical claims and noticed on his screen as he scrolled that I had behavioral health conditions listed that were not part of my referred condition...
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    Help understanding

    Good afternoon everyone I am not on a meb board yet buy my PA casually said "if you have to go through that it doesn't mean you didn't anything wrong don't" I summited a packet for commission but On March 10 I was on my way to work going about 60mph someone ran me off the road loss...
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    Newbie here. Meb questions.

    I’m new to this site. Looking for some information. Story: I’ve been in the army 3 and a half years. After 2 separate events happened to me on duty I was diagnosed with major depression disorder,generalized anxiety disorder and ptsd. I’ve been going to behavioral health for 7 months and soon...
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    Fort Hood Behavioral Health FFD process

    Hello all, I assume this is the first step to out. One of my Doctors called Tricare and advised them he had concerns and I needed help so that ended in the Army contacting me and requesting my medical records and now what appears to be a permanent profile. I was referred to Fort Hood Behavioral...
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