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  1. S

    What are chances of VA upgrade based on PDBR findings?

    Hello All, I was med discharged from the navy in 2008 at 10% and severance. I knew this was bogus at the time, but I had little recourse. The PDBR got me upgraded to 30%. Back in 2008, the VA also rated me at 10%. I think they were basing that on what the Navy had decided. So now I have 30%...
  2. A

    Would highlighting relevant diagnoses and injuries in my Med Records help my VA Claim?

    Would using a highlighter to highlight relevant diagnoses and injuries in my MIL med records and bringing it to my C&P Exams be a good idea? Would it be helpful to the person/doctor/NP to find the relevant info faster for my claim?
  3. A

    How detailed should I be when filling out the final physical paperwork?

    I was on a Med Board that ended up being canceled. I'm now doing the final physical and am filling out "DD Form 2807-1 Report of Medical History". On box 29 it tells you to provide an explanation of all the questions you answered YES to. Should I be super detailed with it, or would saying...
  4. T

    Closed Claim Confusion

    Both the closed claim and the one that looks like it is still open we’re both submitted on the same date. I have only seen one of these claims dated for the 23rd of March until a few days ago. I am currently going through IDES and was curious if this is something others have seen, or did they...
  5. A

    How does paying back the severance pay work?

    I'm Active Duty USMC and am on a Med Board. If you end up being offered severance pay and not medical retirement (because of a DOD rating less than 30%), do you have to pay it all back before you can collect ANY VA Disability compensation? I was under the assumption you couldn't even collect a...
  6. A

    Would my condition be considered service connected?

    I'm on a Med Board for a mental health condition, that really embarrassing. But it's caused other issues that I've been diagnosed with, such as anxiety, depression, and OCD. I was wondering, could the VA deny my condition(s) as not being service related, even if they were all diagnosed in...
  7. A

    Any advice on filling out the VA Form 21-0819?

    I'm trying to get ahead of the game, as I haven't been assigned an MSC yet. I heard they will have you fill out part of the VA Form 21-0819 when you meet with them. I was wondering about "Section 11. ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS". So, this part isn't a trick or anything correct? This is where I need...
  8. C

    Federal employment after seperation

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this but I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I was told at one point during my MEB that I need to be careful with federal employment if I am medically retired from the military. I was going through a lot at the time and didn't...
  9. A

    Has anyone heard of or had this happen for reevaluation C&P

    I had my reevaluation for my VA disability mental health claim. I was rated at 70% for depression, but during my reevaluation the doctor said that it was PTSD and she will change it to that and not depression. She said they may give me push back and I'll have to write a statement letter. I...
  10. aliceaje

    3 Attept at MEB initiation

    So I have been dealing with diagnosed tremors (orthostatic, and essential), and polyneuropathy. Over the course of nearly 2 years, since the time of the diagnosis, I have had 2 MEB packets sent up, both denied withing 2 weeks. So now, we just did an NTC rotation, and I noticed the symptoms...
  11. D

    Army Reserve Medical Board, unfit for duty process, DA 7574-1 usefulness, requesting assistance in understanding options

    First, please advise if there is a better forum to post this in, I know there are a ton of different ones here. I am 30% for PTSD, although that is currently being reevaluated for an increase and I expect to be 50%, or 70%. My symptoms include suicidal ideation (active, and passive) and daily...
  12. T


    I served 5 years active duty at ft hood and did two tours to Afghanistan. I have been blown up and have a blown disc (been issued a back brace and medication) have very bad PTSD and have panic attack multiple times a week.been diagnosed with a serious depression and anxiety. I switch to the...
  13. C

    Fit for Duty determination due to Non-Service Connected Disability

    I have recently been determined unfit for duty due to a non-service connected disability and I have a few questions. Back story: I was involved in a vehicle accident in which I was injured and have a non-service connected disability. I was determined unfit for duty by my State surgeon and was...
  14. B


    Hello I was just informed that I’m being medically retired @ 80%. I have the option to apply for LAS, but at what cost? Will regular longevity retirement as well as disibility checks be cut like concurrent reciept? I’ve seen other posts that their disability was lowered after completion of LAS...
  15. F

    SSDI Reconsideration

    I am currently at the tail end of my MEB/PEB phase and am almost out of the military. I have a proposed rating of 100% P&T from the VA. I applied for SSDI in December and was denied. I filed for reconsideration and am still in limbo. I understand that SSDI has different standards for...
  16. M

    Miracles STILL exist! (Anecdote/Inquiry)

    Hello Comrades, Developed Type 1 Diabetes on Active Duty in in SEP 2002. I met an ANGEL online. I was told by an AMVETs rep when I discharged--after looking through all of my service records--I WOULD ONLY QUALIFY FOR 40%, that there were no more ratable conditions in my records. FFWD...
  17. J

    SSDI C/E Help!

    Good day all, I am writing with a plight regarding my SSDI claim. I have been suffering for about 16 months now with severe major depressive disorder, panic disorder w/ Agoraphobia, with two psychiatrists overseeing my care and a therapist whom I see twice per week. Due to my agoraphobia and...
  18. A

    Denial SSDI

    My husband was just denied SSDI, he is 90% VA disabled due to several physical and mental ailments that are all service connected. It states that there wasn’t sufficient vocational info in the denial and only lists one of the many ailments we described in the paperwork initially. Any input on...
  19. M

    Taxes on Social Security Disability and VA?

    During this tax year I received disability while on active duty, separated and began receiving VA disability in addition to SSD. Will I pay taxes on my disability?
  20. catherinemedboard

    TDRL is now 3 years instead of 5? Help!

    I am now a veteran who in the past few months have been placed on TDRL. Recently I went to base to get a new Veteran ID card since the old one had my married last name. Apparently there was an error in my card which scanned the expiration date to 2020 instead of 2022. When the gentleman at the...