dod ratings

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    HELP!! Got my findings back Monday..

    I am an active duty Army with 4 years of service.. Met with my peggy on Monday and got the following Findings: 90% DOD TDRL and 100% VA (along with a letter together with a form, from the VA that is suggesting that I should file a separate claim for eustachian tube dysfunction). I must admit I...
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    Reserve time & active duty time severance pay inquiry

    Hello all, I am having trouble navigating the regulations and rules regarding severance pay due to the fact that I spent roughly 5 years in the Army Reserves (2008-2013), and since 2013, have been a Regular Army Soldier. I reclassed and went full time. My referred condition is genetic, and...
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    ***VA VOC REHAB is seen as full-time job by PEB and you may suffer. *** I have THREE doctors (1 NAVY 1 VA 1 CIV) all agree w/ severity and no improvement. The board at first cherry picked med files, but after new doctor claims were submitted, they moved from looking at medical and commented that...
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    Please help me

    The PEB first rated me 30% for my back but when the breakdown on VA side didn't match the PEB lowered it and made it 30%. I got hit by a car on base while walking I've been dealing with non stop back pain for 3 years I've had 2 back surgeries all while on active duty. My overall percentage...
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    Hello quick question I got my findings today but they had to send it back because I had two different ratings for the same injury. I was wondering has this happen to anyone and what could the outcome be? PEB said 30% and Va said 20% but overall VA is giving me 80%
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    My Timeline/FT. Leavenworth - U.S. Army

    I'm new to this and been reading over this forums for a while now. My question is with SSDI will my ratings and unfit memo be helpful with my appeal since i was denied 1st time go. Second question if I submit the form to be IU will i need any addition documents. My Med Board process I think was...
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    Not directly related to combat

    When my DOD findings came back they used the term not directly related to combat. I was referred to the board for PTSD from combat experiences. Anyone dealt with this and can explain it to me?
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    How long between VA ratings and DOD ratings?

    Last week I found out the VA had completed my ratings on their side. The letter has been sent but I have not received it in the mail yet. How long between VA ratings and DOD ratings are people experiencing right now? What is the next few steps after that. I really just want to know how much time...

    Two C&P exams for the same condition conducted three weeks apart

    I recently had a C&P exam (C Spine and Lumbar) conducted by QTC on July 12 for a possible ratings increase. Then, two weeks later, I was finally accepted into the IDES process and contacted by my PEBLO. Three weeks after the ratings increase QTC exam I was scheduled by the VA to have my IDES...
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    Contradicting Diagnosis from Mental Health C&P Examiner

    Guys... -_- I received my FPEB package today and conducted a review over it today with my PEBLO via telephone. I'm being boarded for MDD and Social Anxiety with Panic Attacks (my only unfitting conditions). All of my medical records support these two diagnoses, including my NARSUM. One of the...
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    How does DOD decide what to rate you?

    I never understood why DOD ratings always seem to be lower than VA ratings. How does the DOD decide their ratings? What information do they go off of to determine their ratings?
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    Trying to figure out percentages for a total of 23 conditions, please!

    Hi all! Thank you to everyone who always shows support and offers advice in this forum. It is because of you all that others are able to keep their sanity and head in the right direction with their questions. My husband's NARSUM was signed Feb. 22, 2016 for Ulcerative Colitis and UC-related...
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