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  1. L

    Knee Ratings/Potential Reconsideration

    Friends, I am in the MEB process and have just received my proposed rating. Of course, my QTC exam is very inaccurate. 10 of 12 pages have errors. The VA rated me at 10% for each knee. I do feel that this is very "under-rated" (I have severe arthritis in both knees, and have had 6 surgeries to...
  2. M

    80% Combined DOD + 100%VA - Question.

    Received DA 199 yesterday. From the DOD I am receiving: *Behavioral Health= 70% (TRDL) by law *Migraines= 30% (Permanent) Combined= 80% (TRDL) + available for CRSC. VA Ratings Proposed: (unsure of it its P&T since nothing was mentioned in their Proposed ratings except the Educational Benefits...
  3. W


    So received my findings and I received 50% for mdd (referred condition) but looking at the 70% mark I know I fall in there so I put in a reconsideration and I just wanted to ask anyone who has been through that how much longer things would take? I was told if I accepted I could expect late June...
  4. B

    Medical Retirement, Payment, etc.

    So I got my Ratings yesterday. 50% DoD and 80% VA. I got the paperwork saying how much I'll be paid by the VA, but will I get anything from the DoD side? It's all confusing. My IPEB came back with Permanent Retirement so I'm not sure how it works. Do I still get severance pay? Thanks in advance.
  5. A

    Questions about my PEB Proceedings...

    Hey how’s it going guys And gals. I am currently being medically separated from the army after serving a little over 5 years. (Active Duty) Im being separated for Crohn’s Disease. I claimed a decent amount of things and received 100% from the VA, and 30% for the army. The Army has decided that...
  6. C

    Rating Estimates

    Hey y’all. First off, thank you to everyone that participates in this forum. I would be pretty lost and I’ll-prepared without the knowledge I have gained from this site. My question is if your rating estimates made by your counsel or attorney were close to what you actually received. My counsel...
  7. B


    Hey everyone, Want to say thank you for this forum, it has brough be much peace while going through the MEB process. I got my DoD/VA ratings last week. It only took 5 duty days to get my ratings. I have 27 claims in total. I got 70 DoD/100 VA (TDRL) for Major Depression and...
  8. R

    ROM based on initial, repetitive use, or flare-up degrees?

    I just received my C&P exam results. Despite their being numerous issues with the wrong extremity noted, incorrect ROMs, etc..., I am wondering if the VA uses the ROM measurements from the initial measurements, after repetitive use measurements, or the flare-up measurements? Anyone know? TIA
  9. N

    Migraines Caused by Sinusitis

    So, I got my claim back with my findings. I get migraines from chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps, with them being removed three times in the last 2 years. If I don’t have polyps present, no headaches. The VA examiner never looked at my sinuses or ran any tests. At the time of my exam I had...
  10. B

    Supplemental Claim

    Hope I am posting to the right forum section. Thanks for all the advice & tips in advance. I am currently rated at 70% VA & 30% DoD PDRL. Effective 13-May-2019 I will separate from the Army & Effective 14-May-2019 I will be placed on the PDRL. I will begin my transition leave starting...
  11. A

    POST IFPEB questions

    Hello all, I am an active duty Army SGT with 11 years TIS. Today I met with my PEBLO to go over my proposed ratings. They are as follows: DOD: 50% and PDRL (has v1, and v3 combat codes, not sure what this means) VA: 70% Combined: 90% PEBLO didn't do an extravagant job of explaining...
  12. T

    I don't understand this process

    I received my IPEB ratings and I want to appeal but I am overwhelmed with the amount of information and decisions so I am confused. 1. I have 10 days to make a decision on the IPEB ratings. Does that mean I only have 10 days to submit medical records & appeal information? I have to make...
  13. L


    My case was closed today . When should i expect to meet with my peblo and go over my ratings ?
  14. L


    My case is a va ratings stage but on ebenefits there is a cardiovascular exam requested and the due date is January 1st . Can anyone tell me when u should expect to have a call . I honestly don’t know anything at this point
  15. N

    Recieved my ratings! Please help

    I sat down with my PEBLO today, and my ratings turned out great. 70% DOD/ 90% VA. there was only a problem with one of my VA claimed conditions. I would like to get it changed before the VA proposed decision goes implemented. How do I go about changing this information on my VA claim before I...
  16. N

    My 1180... help please

    I sat down with my PEBLO today, and my ratings turned out great. 70% DOD/ 90% VA. there was only a problem with one of my VA claimed conditions. I would like to get it changed before the VA proposed decision goes implemented. How do I go about changing this information on my VA claim before I...
  17. Jason Perry

    VASRD Update

    The VA has stated that they are doing a complete update to the entire VASRD: "If you’ve ever wondered how VA rates disabilities for compensation, you’ll be interested to know that after more than 70 years we doing a review and update of the rating criteria for all 15 body systems.Previous...
  18. A

    How long did it take you?

    Hey all, talked to my PEBLO today and she told me that the VA was done with my ratings and we were just waiting for the DOD to make my 199. I'm currently in Hawaii. Any info on how much longer I should be waiting?
  19. rajeev2liz

    Sleep Apnea

    I was medically retired from the Army on 30 January 2017 and was given 60% DoD 70% VA now the VA has diagnosed me with Sleep Apnea and I have the machine is it possible for my VA rating to increase?
  20. P

    Ft. Riley MEB / PEB Timeline - IG Complaint??

    Hello everyone, I am currently going through the MEB / PEB process. I am looking for answers, and reading many of the posts and threads it seems many of us are running into big delays with the "system migration", "system down" "no updates" and pushing everything far to the right. As it is...