va ratings

  1. T


    I am going through the IDES process here on Bragg. I signed my NARSUM 13 June 2019 and it was sent up 14 June 2019. Anyone been through the process that can tell me what to expect next and about when to expect it? Or can you share your timelines so I can get an estimate? My wife is due 14...
  2. N

    VA rating timeline.

    Hey, I’m just wondering what’s the average wait to get back VA ratings. It’s been 95 days I been waiting on ratings. I’m getting a little worried. I didn’t think I was even eligible for a Medboard. But MDD and PTSD are the main issues. The process started in October of 2018. The waiting process...
  3. RichDaniel

    Andersen AFB, Guam - Tripler Timeline

    Referred conditions: 1. Lumbar degenerative disc disease, degenerative arthritis/spondylosis/facet arthrosis, spinal canal stenosis with L4-L5 disc abutting the traversing bilateral L5 nerve roots, and L5-S1 disc protrusion that abuts the traversing left S1 nerve root. 2. Left L5 and S1...
  4. K

    How long after the VA is done should it take to get the 199?

    I know it depends person to person, but my PEBLO said that all of her other soldiers had their 199s back very soon after their case was done with the VA ratings portion. As in, literally a couple days later for everyone else. My ratings at the VA were done the first week of July and so far I...
  5. Jax8025


    Hi everyone, I am currently on the stage of the IDES process and waiting on my DA-199. I talked with the MEB Attorney the Army let’s you see. He reassured me that I will be getting 100% VA and medically retire from Army. He didn’t give me a % but he said it will be over 30%. I had 1 SC...
  6. B

    DOD/VA disability

    I'm E5 starting MED Board in November for back (injury while deployed) and knee. I hit my 8 year mark in January. I understand at the end of the process I will receive a DOD and a VA rating for my conditions. It has been almost 7 months since my back surgery and I have been released from...
  7. ABNdude

    The $11,000 question...

    I am being medically separated due to a knee injury I sustained on an airborne operation. I received 10% for the knee and 80% total from the VA. I am receiving severance pay. I need to stay in the Army until November 25th, 2017 to have my time in service rounded up to the next whole year. I just...
  8. M

    Recent PDA Timeline

    Post recent PDA timelines here (Army Only). Please don't post a question here about how long etc...... Just want to get some empirical evidence of recent PDA timelines. Signed DA199 : 31 Mar 17 Orders Received: TBD
  9. Darkfeather

    Don't let it Drive you Crazy

    This is my current timeline: There are several factors that have played into the delays in my timeline, but I have learned that the "Goals" and "Averages" can be ridiculously off. If the DRAS finds any kind of clerical mistake from the VA it will delay the VA Rating Portion by AT LEAST 30...
  10. O

    How long between VA ratings and DOD ratings?

    Last week I found out the VA had completed my ratings on their side. The letter has been sent but I have not received it in the mail yet. How long between VA ratings and DOD ratings are people experiencing right now? What is the next few steps after that. I really just want to know how much time...
  11. H

    Continue with care after found unfit?

    Forgive me if this has already been asked. I am waiting for my disability ratings, I was found unfit for my referred condition. In the mean time, I have various other injuries that I claimed. My question is while I'm waiting for the MEB process to finish up (which will probably still be a few...
  12. A

    Can you only request a VARR during IDES?

    Can you only request a VARR during IDES or can you request a VARR after you're discharged? If you can only request a VARR during IDES, is there a way to appeal your rating after you're out? I haven't gotten my ratings back yet. Just wondering.
  13. J

    Rating Accuracy -

    Hi everyone, my attorney gave me this website to help estimate my ratings while we wait for the VA's decision, Has anyone compared their final VA ratings with what is listed on this website? Hoping what I have estimated from this website will be what is actually...
  14. R

    Preparation for Decision...

    Finally, my ebenies updated and had a second claim on June 29th that initially was "Under Review". Within a few hours the second claim's status went to "Preparation for Decision" with an estimated completion date of 8/14/16 - 8/23/16. When I spoke with my MedBoard office (I would say PEBLO but...
  15. A

    How does DOD decide what to rate you?

    I never understood why DOD ratings always seem to be lower than VA ratings. How does the DOD decide their ratings? What information do they go off of to determine their ratings?
  16. J

    How long for VA rating to complete

    I am now in the process of VA ratings in my timeline. I was just wondering how long it is taking people to get their VA rating once on that step in the timeline? My Ebenefits said it was pending decision then went back to reviewing evidence, about 2 days ago. Has or is anyone else experiencing...
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