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  • I sent you a private message with my number. If you could call that would be awesome! Thanks a million!

    I have acute AS and take ENBREL to treat it. Will I likely be denied by the Navy? I want to be a Naval Officer more than anything.

    Thank you,
    B. Knowlton
    Hey Mike, this is BLUE. You can give me a call at home San Diego, CA 619-667-0104. It is a 3 hour time diff so try not to call before 0900 your time. Other than that I will be looking forward to talking with you on this
    Mike, you can call any time this week end or next week, just need to talk with you hopefully before Wednesday, my PEBLO said my packet should be ready for revue then. Sunday would be good if good for you, William
    334-370-6548 I am available pretty much anytime on Saturday and after 1000 on Monday
    Thank you for the reply.
    I am a little unsure how this thing (PEB) plays out, do they favor heavily with migraines that have multiple brain lesions with 2 to 3 attacks per week that are considered prostrating? I am just worried about that nuero and the mess he has made or do they pay more attention to the NARSUM? I am also bein MEBed for shoulders, hips and knees that are on the narsum and 12 other things that are not on it but marked in my file including lung nodules, how will every thing together play as for tdrl vs pdrl? any help would be wonderful. Thank you again, William Taylor
    wtaylor again. sorry I got cut off earlier here goes, Migraine History My meb is being sent to sam houston next week but the problem I have is the nuero Doc is puting false info in my med history and I am having a hard time explaining it to him, he feels he is justified in his comments but he is not. He ask me on our 1st visit have you had headaches in the past I said yes the occasional headache- so he put PT has had chronic headaches since 1994- I have never said that and I have never been to a doc in my life for a headache. the 1994 came about when he asked me about accidents, I said I got in a fight in 1994 and had to get stitches in the ER- he said did you black out?- I said that was so long ago I have no Idea- well in my history it has an hour of being unconscious and being in the hospital 3 days I have never been in the hospital in my life. I have statements from my 1st SGT, Neighbor, wtu work site and old pmc mgr stating the number of visits. will this work?
    i am currently working the issue with my division ig but until my research tonight I didnt have much hope. I see that it says you are a retired army officer so I must ask will I get in trouble for giving you my unit and my name and you going to the usapda? I just dont want to get in trouble so please let me know if I am ok and in doing that and I have no problem in telling you
    Hi Mike, You posted a really interest entry on my thread about the JAG attny being legit. I have more questions that you might be able to answer. I posted more on that thread that will better explain my situation.
    Thanks, Ryane
    maparker, i am in the air national guard. i have been activated for the last four years for the war in iraq. while i was on active duty, i started having dizzy spells and blackouts. while the doctors were trying to determine what the problem was. during this time, i had another episode and was rushed to the emergency room. they found that my heart was stopping ( sick sinus syndrome ) the cardio doc immediatly performed surgery and implanted a pacemaker which i will have to have the rest of my life. i have a total of 20 years in the national guard, with 13 of those years being active duty. i have been told that i can never fly again with the military, and with the worldwide deployment requirement i will not be able to remain in the military. my questions are these. will i be elidgable for a military medical discharge ? also, do you think that the medical board will rate my situation at 30% or more ? also if i am medically discharged can i collect pay and medical benefits right away?

    I noticed a post that you did about getting found fit and then being admin sep'd. I'm most likely going to be in that position here shortly, so if you still need individual cases to reference, I have a whopper for you. And I agree that with you that it is a real issue and needs to be addressed.
    If you go to a MEB, they will rework the medical information. Same with the VA. In the mean time, it is best if you can get your current docs to describe your condition in the same language as the VASRD ratign criteria for migraines. Do you have a recorded diagnosis for the headaches?

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