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    Class Action Law Suit

    Is there anyone here that is willing to be included and help to start a Class Action Law Suit against the DOD, USAF, Army ext to include active duty and reserve component members that have been denied their legal rights under the corrupt medical board system. With the vast number of people on...
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    Code 37 since Feburary...need help

    Hello I am an 11yr TSgt, I served 4yrs active duty in the AF and have been part time in the ANG since. I was in a car accident in December of last year and experienced a TBI. Since then I have routinely seen two neurologists, done physical therapy, cognitive rehab, psychiatrists etc. For the...
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    New to PEBF

    Hello all, I am new here, mainly because I have a few questions regarding an accident I was involved in ILOD. Can anyone point me in the right direction where I can ask a question about INCAP? Thanks!
  4. T

    Air Guard: Leaning towards LDES

    Went to get my official NARSUM yesterday and spoke with the PEBLO about the LDES and IDES. I've been rated at 70% for a psychological condition since 2013 and the Air Guard finally got my records up to the active duty component handing the MEB/PEB process last month. I spoke with the OAC...
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    Greetings, I feel that we could help ALOT of people by starting A VETERANS SERVICE ORGANIZATION which caters specifically to Reservists. WHY? Reservists have a clear disadvantage IMO when it comes to Medical Discharges, MEB, PEB. I was an enlisted medic until 2000 when I became a Physician...
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    CRSC, DA199, 20 year Letter, 100 Percent

    Greetings, DA199: V1/V3-Yes. THE BOARD FINDS THE SOLDIER IS PHYSICALLY UNFIT AND RECOMMENDS A RATING OF 100% AND THAT THE SOLDIERS DISPOSITION BE PERMANENT DISABILITY RETIREMENT. Signed by the Presiding officer of the PEB, PEBLO, and Myself. I have sent it back to PEBLO, and he is sending it...
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