med board

  1. T

    Wanting to join

    Had surgery to correct a hole in my eardrum. I have scar tissue but hearing is fine. Will this disqualify me from joining.
  2. M

    Help: Upcoming TDRL Re-evaluation Board

    Hello, I have a question regarding the TDRL re-evaluation board. How long do they usually take from the moment you are notified to the moment you receive your new rating? Also what is the chance that I'll lose my rating and health insurance? Last September, I was placed on TDRL then...
  3. D

    3 prt waivers/2 LIMDU cycles now I can't choose a rate.

    i am an E5 air traffic controller. I had a surgery and was put on a lot of meds. I lost my job because you can't control on these certain meds. Because of a surgery that left me unable to complete a prt for 2 LIMDU cycles I had three full prt waivers. Now after lots of physical rehab I will...
  4. W

    Facing Medboard Soon! Any help or advice ?

    I am a SSG and have been in the Army for just over 10 years. I have been having chronic hand pain in both hands and some arm pain for almost two years now. I have had x-rays, MRI's, and recently a nerve study was conducted. I have not been able to receive a diagnosis as of yet. I have been on...
  5. A

    Newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic (Air Force)

    Hello all! I'm brand new to this site, and thanks for having me! I have enjoyed reading other posts here, and gaining a little insight into everyone's experiences. I myself have been going thru quite a predicament for the past 6 months, and I wanted to share, and get everyone's...
  6. G

    Where should I go from here?

    So here's the story, I injured my back during a deployment back in beginning of 2014. I was pulling out a component that’s pretty heavy (don't know the actual weight, maybe 50lbs or more). Its rack mounted, but got suck diagonally between the rails. (Keep in mind that this part is located in a...
  7. rajeev2liz

    The process

    Ok I was told by my Psychologist my condition would require me getting med boarded that I should think about medical retirement so she went ahead and build my packet and then submitted it to the panel on the 15 June 2016. On the 21 June 2016 They called me verified some admin data and inform me...
  8. M

    Scoliosis/possible nerve damage

    I was in the guard for two years. I did split option, got a general discharge for not going to AIT withing two years of signing due to gallbladder removal preventing me from shipping. After basic I had hurt my neck and went to a chiropractor who took x-rays and said I had scoliosis (don't...
  9. A

    What is the outcome of a failed PFT test during a C&P Exam? o_O

    As the title states, I failed my PFT during my C&P exam. I've never taken one before so IDK what a failed PFT indicates as far as a diagnosis. What does a failed PFT mean? How will it affect my MEB? Thanks! :D
  10. A

    Appreciation Post :D

    I just wanted take a minute to say that I appreciate everyone this site being so helpful and non-judgemental when people post their MEB/PEB stories on here. It makes me happy to know that there is a safe haven for us to express our feelings, our hardships with the MEB process, and to get...
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