1. M

    Do retirement orders typically have an EAOS of 90 days after accepting findings?

    I'll be accepting my findings (DOD 70/VA 100) this Friday and I'm just wondering what you guys have seen/read/experienced with the # of days from accepting findings to official retirement date. I just want to get a general idea of what to expect and put a rough timeline in my head together. I...
  2. A

    How long is it taking to hit TRANSPROC right now?

    Sorry if this isn't the right place, but can anyone tell me how long I should expect transproc to take? I'm severely in need of my orders. Failing that, can someone explain who this part of the process is actually going through? I asked my PEBLO both of these questions and he got upset and...
  3. P

    Clarity on PTDY and Terminal Leave

    I'm not sure if my PEBLO isn't explaining it to me well enough or I'm just not fully understanding it. My question is when can I start packing up and leaving essentially with 20 days of PTDY and 21 days of leave. Do I choose my final date? I can clear post in a day since most everything is...
  4. A


    Good afternoon everyone! I went through an MEB about 8 months ago is when it started. and I eventually got my results back at 100% and placed on a TDRL. I got my results back about 3.5 weeks ago and signed for them that day. AFPC is not giving my PEBLO or myself any substantial reasoning as to...
  5. A

    Questions concerning retirement orders and TDRL

    Hello! Before anything, I just wanna say I love this forum. I had been lurking since Februrary after finding out I was going to be med boarded. This forum has so much helpful advice, it really helped me prepare for this entire process. Thank you! Now, on Monday, October 1st I finally received...
  6. C

    Signed 199 on JUL 31ST ERB changed to Reenli/elig 9H AUG 16TH

    As the title reads I signed my 199 on the 31st, I have been waiting for the PDA to approve and get on the TRANSPROC list and get NLT/orders. Does your ERB change to Reenli/elig 9H when you go onto TRANSPROC? Or did someone just finally update my ERB showing I'm going through a medboard? I am...
  7. C

    Retirement Orders

    What is typically the timeline to receive your retirement orders? I was placed on PDRL and signed my 199 almost two weeks ago. My PEBLO has kept me in the dark during this whole process and it's been really frustrating. Is there anywhere I can check to see what the status is? I really need to...
  8. L


    How will the government shutdown affect those of us waiting on orders ? Will there be a big delay
  9. K

    PDA signature

    My PEBLO told me my orders are printed saying I was out AUG 9th, but they still haven't been signed by the PDA. Anyone else have a similar situation?
  10. A

    Orders after LIMDU

    So I was recently found fit for full duty and worldwide deployable after my 6 month limdu period. It seems I'm going to have a problem passing my overseas screening simply because the gaining command (a ship not shore duty) thinks I may be unsuitable. I recently received orders to a boat that...
  11. J

    Question about when you receive your orders

    I noticed a lot of people have received their orders pretty quick. Are they digital when they come in or mail? Also, do you get a notification by email when they come in? Lastly, do y'all use PRDA to see them when they come in? My first time posting. This forum has been a HUGE help so thank...
  12. S

    MARADMIN 229/17 No more MEDHOLD?

    Can someone with alittle bit more knowledge with the whole process clarify the new MARADMIN that was released yesterday for the Marine Corps? To me MARADMIN 229/17 states that all consenting Marines now have the choice to be placed on Medhold passed your actual EAS date now. States that...
  13. L

    PDA Info!

    TIMELINE Referral: 11/07/2016 Claims: 11/08/2016 EXAMS: 12/13/2016 MEB: 1/19/2017 IPEB: 2/03/2017 VA Ratings: 2/11/2017 PEB: 3/15/2017 NO APPEAL :) DA199 Signed:3/17/2017 PDA: ??? :( Initially after I signed my 199 my PEBLO, almost more excitedly than me, said I would get orders in...
  14. B

    PDA timeline

    Signed 199 yesterday. If you concur with ratings does it have to go to the PDA or can the PEB sign off? If it is mandatory for it to go to PDA then about how long is it taking to come down on orders? Thanks in advance.
  15. catherinemedboard

    3 Weeks and still waiting...

    Still waiting for sep orders. Anyone know how long they've waited?
  16. catherinemedboard

    Separation Orders?

    Hey all! How long has it taken you to get your separation orders? Also, have you gotten out by your picked date?
  17. catherinemedboard

    No cost TAD orders while on PEB?

    I have asked a few times to a few people but was wondering if anyone has gotten away with getting new orders? My significant other is in Illinois and was wondering since there is a big medical facility there if I can transfer over there instead of staying in SoCal for my PEB? Has this happened...
  18. H

    Navy - How long should I expect before I hear my discharge date?

    I signed my board findings the other day. Thank you to anyone who helped me along with this process, I'll be sep/severance pay. How long do you think it will be until I get my official separation date (I requested 28Mar17) so I can actually complete all of this paperwork I have? I pushed out...
  19. S


    Anybody know how I contact them? I talked to my peblo and was told my orders were indexed on November 3. Does anybody know what that means? I am awaiting orders and am supposed to be getting out this thursday but have not received them yet.
  20. S

    What's the hold up with orders?

    Anyone know why orders are taking so long to come in recently? It's been two weeks and still nothing. I am navy
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