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pdrl and crsc

  1. N

    How PDRL + late CRCS impact FERS with Buy Back & vice-versa?

    Background: 60% PDRL (blue card), 100% VA, 70% CRSC recently, under 20 years. Appreciate in advance. I already buy back paid fully 1st year as a GS back in 2018 but now I just got this new CRSC retroactive decision this week. For the sake of me being able to keep the CRCS monthly pays & Tricare...
  2. Euphrates Eagles

    Submitting a CRSC package using NVLAP

    What is your experience with NVLSP and would you recommend them when it comes to submitting a CRSC package?
  3. W

    TDRL to PDRL and 75% payment from DFAS

    Good Day, so I’ve seen on here that a medically retired mbr’s pay out will be offset. However, a friend of mine sent me the attached. Has anyone else received both DAV and DFAS at 75%(with less than 30yrs of srvc) without any offset?
  4. L

    BCNR assistance (Adjustment Disorder Discharge) 70% combat PTSD rating

    Hi all, I am a new member to this forum. I joined the Navy June 1, 2000 and was discharged Honorably August 20, 2015. I deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2007 where I was the transportation duty driver/travel liaison my job responsibility including picking up newly reporting personnel...

    IRR members right to request a PEB

    There is another recent thread on this subject, but here mine is a little different. I was recalled in 2003 for Iraq and was IRR USMC and was injured 2001-2002 in Afghanistan/combat. While I was being treated, and just undergone surgery for my back/paralysis in the IRR (2003) they only sent to...