1. R

    Fort Bragg Timeline and Terminal Leave/PTDY DA31.

    Hello everyone, I just recently signed my 199 and was wondering if anyone had an example of a DA31 with PTDY included on it they could send my way. I would appreciate it very much! my timeline: Ortho recommended MEB for labral tear in right hip Feb 20th 2020 P3 submitted same day. IDES brief...
  2. Crispy Bojangles

    JBLM COVID-19 Timeline

    Just thought I would create a post here to see if anyone else has a similar timeline. Hoping to hear news sometime in the next 30 days. I have 2 referred conditions and 26 claimed conditions. October 28th: Assigned to the JBLM WTU November 22th: Received P3 Profile January 16th: Received Email...
  3. R

    How are new EAS calculated by MMSR-4?

    I signed my IPEB findings April 2nd, 2020, have not received new EAS as of yet (April 29th). How will my new EAS be calculated by MMSR-4?
  4. R

    Signed IPEB findings.. Now what? (USMC)

    On April 2nd, 2020, I was called by my PEBLO to finally go over the IPEB's findings of my package. The VA rated me at 90% and DOD rated me at 10% for torn hip labrum which I had to get surgery for. I accepted the finding and did not rebut to go to a FPEB. It is now April 26, 2020 and i have not...
  5. W

    Eaos runs through med board

    What happens if the med board process goes past your eaos(end of contract)? Do they stop the board and get you out of do they finish out the board?
  6. Z

    LDES (Legacy) My timeline

    Hi all, I wanted to put my time line here for those of you currently going through LDES just so you have a spot to conversate about it and or ask questions, I may be looking in the incorrect locations on the forum, however I have been unable to find others timelines who are going through similar...
  7. A

    So I sent a congressional inquiry to the BCNR.

    Today I sent in a congressional inquiry through my state senator. It’s been over 13 months now and I am really curious and have a burning desire as to where I stand with my pending BCNR case. All I’ve gotten from them is an advisory opinion and a docket number. I know I’m not at the 18 month...
  8. C


    Hello all, I just wanted to share my timeline with you all to hopefully share some info with you guys. 05/31/2019- Diagnosed with TBI and Migraines. 12/5/2019- PCM referred me for a MEB 12/18/2019- All signatures acquired for P3 profile. 12/23/2019- referral stage completed. 12/27/2019- VA...
  9. B

    Clueless, need help.

    Hello all! So I have a timeline (sort of) of everything so far but I need some clarification. First, here's my "timeline" 12/11/2019- Psychiatrist helps fill out NARSUM 12/16/2019- PEBLO notified me about my code 37 12/18/2019- CC Reccomendation signed and submitted 1/10/2020- Case reviewed by...
  10. B

    Bipolar Diagnosis Rating

    I have been diagnosed with Anxiety, OCD, and BP II. I just did my NARSUM two weeks ago and Mental Health submitted everything last Thursday. Anyone go through something similar? If so, could you share timeline/ratings you were given? Thanks in advance.
  11. L

    Navy Guy In LDES

    Navy corpsman here My current timeline is as follows for lumbar spondylosis with Radiculopathy with a NMA that clearly states the CO doesn’t want to retain me. Which I wanted for an UNFIT finding. PEB Accepts case: 05OCT2019 since all I need is a fit or unfit, how long has it been taking navy...
  12. B


    Hey everyone, Want to say thank you for this forum, it has brough be much peace while going through the MEB process. I got my DoD/VA ratings last week. It only took 5 duty days to get my ratings. I have 27 claims in total. I got 70 DoD/100 VA (TDRL) for Major Depression and...
  13. H

    Fort Gordon SEP2019 timeline

    Hey all... I just started this month so here is my timeline FEB2017- initial injury to L-3 JUN2018- First trip to Doc after I PCS'ed, put on two week profile AUG2018-MAY2019- On and off 2 week profiles with other knee injuries and one car crash JUN2019- Referred to Inter-Disciplinary Pain...
  14. MattCollins7

    MEB/PEB Timeline YouTube channel?!

    This is something I have been contemplating for some time now but I figured I would get ya'lls take on it before I pulled the trigger. Something I have struggled to find, outside of this forum, was video based content on the process that is MEB/PEB's. I've been considering starting a YouTube...
  15. scttggry

    AFRC AGR, Pituitary neoplasm

    Current status: ~ Sept 2017: ER visit @ Elgin for “Thunderclap” headache. CT/CT Angio neg but poss enlargement in sella ~ Sept 2017: MRI confirms Pituitary neoplasm 1.5cm, blood work ordered and to be followed up @ Scott (homestation) Oct 2017 - Mar 2019: PCM didn’t see any reason for anything...
  16. scttggry

    AFRC AGR - Non-active pituitary neoplasm

    Timeline: Sept 2017 - “Thunderclap headache” Prompted ER visit @ Elgin AFB; CT/CT Angio noted no bleed but noted possible enlargement in pituitary area Sept 2017 - MRI confirmed neoplasm. Prompted bloodwork and delay for processing when I returned to Scott. Oct 2017 - Mar 2019: really thought...
  17. B

    Surgery during MEB process

    I am currently in a geographically separated unit, on AGR orders with the Air Force Reserve and see civilian doctors. I’ve been in the AF DES process since 31 Oct 2018. I’m being evaluated for multiple lumbar issues to include severe degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, multiple bilateral...
  18. T


    I am going through the IDES process here on Bragg. I signed my NARSUM 13 June 2019 and it was sent up 14 June 2019. Anyone been through the process that can tell me what to expect next and about when to expect it? Or can you share your timelines so I can get an estimate? My wife is due 14...
  19. L


    okay so my MEB process started Jan 12 2019. My last appointment with the VA 4 JUNE 2019. My PEBLO told me the VA hasn’t updated my stuff since 23 MAY 2019!! What the heck!? He said “I’ll give them an email” (this was on Monday). I’m just frustrated. can I contact the VA myself and see what the...
  20. faithclararose

    Can anyone help? Frustrated

    I was referred in November of last year, and there was apparently a problem with the VA system so I FINALLY got my VA appointments done in April. My PEBLO, who I might add is HORRIBLE at her job (won’t respond for weeks, won’t do what she’s supposed to) and my CO had even had to get involved a...
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