1. O


    Whatsup everyone T1 Diagnosis no family history... infantryman who was training for special forces obviously being very physically active before diagnosis workouts have drastically changed since and I did not meet the 40 percent because of 'regulation of activities' witch in my opinion is wrong...
  2. P


    What should I do. I received my packet back and its only giving me 20% for DOD and 80% VA now. The reason I want to fight this is because the examiner only used my QTC ROM DQB forms any other documents I provided even a 2nd opinion ROM weren't evaluated at all and they really screwed me over...
  3. A

    Requesting P&T from 100% non-perm rating?

    Good morning, How does one go about requesting their conditions be rated as permanent? I recently was medically retired (30% DoD PRDL and 100% VA non-permanent) but am interested in the protected status and benefits that come with P&T (for my family mostly). Where do I find what conditions...
  4. B

    UPDATE: Received findings back on Monday

    This is an update to my previous post found here. TL;DR: I was put on a MEDBOARD by my orthopedic surgeon on 11 July, 2018 after a failed labral repair surgery of my right hip. I received my finding back from the VA and PEB on Monday 28 January. I was found unfit for duty. The DoD is...
  5. M

    Army National Guard AGR 15 1/2 years AFS, unfit for Type 1 Diabetes

    Hello. I am an Army National Guard AGR Recruiter that has been found unfit for Type 1 Diabetes. I am still waiting for the disability evaluation and 199. But, my PEBLO informed me that the unfit determination was made the other day. I believe that my rating will only be 20% and I do not want to...
  6. T

    I don't understand this process

    I received my IPEB ratings and I want to appeal but I am overwhelmed with the amount of information and decisions so I am confused. 1. I have 10 days to make a decision on the IPEB ratings. Does that mean I only have 10 days to submit medical records & appeal information? I have to make...
  7. P

    HELP. New to MEB

    I just found out yesterday that i will be referred to MEB. It just came as a shock for I never anticipated it. My ultimate goal was to RTD but my PCM decided that I go thru this process. Can anyone tell me how the process for fighting to stay in will be like? I was diagnosed with Hep B and was...
  8. Jax8025


    Hi everyone, I am currently on the stage of the IDES process and waiting on my DA-199. I talked with the MEB Attorney the Army let’s you see. He reassured me that I will be getting 100% VA and medically retire from Army. He didn’t give me a % but he said it will be over 30%. I had 1 SC...
  9. J

    Help with formal board after denied written appeal

    I need help and information regarding the formal board. I was found fit for duty for a mental/anxiety/insomnia condition (that they refuse to list as PTSD). My off post doctor says it's PTSD, yes I included those notes in my written appeal. My written appeal was denied (I do not know the reasons...
  10. M

    Preparation for FPEB

    Initially put on LIMDU June 10, 2016 for “Paresthesia”. IDES initiated December 2016 when my Neurologist determined a second LIMDU period would not benefit me. Referred conditions by my Neurologist include Small Fiber Neuropathy, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and Migraines...
  11. B

    About to sign 199. Thinking of appealing

    I just received my 199 and was originally going to sign it and receive severance. I spoke to legal today and they looked at my ratings for a condition I appealed at the beginning of the process to be unfitting and it was rated at 30% from the VA. Since it was denied before would there be any...
  12. J

    Appeal Pending Decision Approval

    I am in Florida waiting on an appeal. I am at pending decision approval for almost two weeks. Is this average and does anyone have an idea how long this takes from here in Florida? Thanks Jason Afghanistan Army F.T Drum..2000-2004
  13. L

    VARR question

    Hi all. Sorry if this is a sort of silly question. I think I know the answer but I want to verify. If you request a VARR, and the VA accepts it and agrees to increase your percentage, does that mean your DOD percentage will automatically increase too for that referred condition? I did a VARR for...
  14. E

    Help with MEB from a appeal and adding new Condition

    I recently got my results back from my PEBLO pertaining my MEB, I appealed because during the wait I was diagnosed with a new condition. Well, I meet with my formal board in a few weeks and during my appeal, I might also be diagnosed with 2nd new condition since my specialist found some...
  15. J

    Appeal Avenues

    What appeal avenues are available if someone wants to stay in the Air Force but has been found unfit and was given VA ratings, etc. Do they have a method to appeal just for staying in? I'm asking for one of my E-6's that has been in for 14.5 years. She can do her job but they still MEB'd her.
  16. F

    Can't apply for PDBR, missing MEB Determination

    Hi all, First I apologize for the length, but I wanted to get as much info as possible so I could get effective and efficient guidance on where to go from here. I've searched the boards and found a wealth of information on here but nothing related to "lost MEB records". I'm hopeful someone...
  17. FARMSGT08

    VA PTSD Rating Appeal

    Hello, In 2013 I went through the MEB/IDES process for PTSD while I was on Active duty in the Army. My process began in May of 2013 and ended in Jan of 2014 (faster than most), by July 8th I had received my findings back from the MEB and by July 10th everything was submitted to the PEB and VA...
  18. haewood

    Looking for advice with appeal

    I've been in the Air Force for 10 years as of next month and I received my ratings today; 10% DoD, 90% VA. I previously went through a full med board and was returned to duty about 4 years ago. Considering what's going on with me health wise, I'm surprised that they're only offering 10% for...
  19. M

    Should my husband appeal?

    My husband just received his ratings as 50 / 70. Based on his NARSUM and the way it was written, we were expecting the DOD portion to be at least 70%, as it read verbatim with the 70. His referring condition was PTSD, but he also had approximately 20 other issues listed on the VA side. He also...
  20. A

    NARSUM Appeal

    I'm currently going through a MEB for hypersomnia. So far, this process has been a complete mess. My profile was written for sleep apnea, and I wasn't able to get it corrected until after my C&P exams were completed. Therefore my NARSUM states that I was filing for Hypersomnia and VA...
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