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  1. E

    Severance Pay at 0%

    Hello, I just finished my last day of Separation leave yesterday and had two questions. 1. How soon do you normally receive your severance pay? I didn’t owe any debts and took all of my leave. 2. I was told by a lawyer on post that since the DoD side rated me 0%, I wouldn’t have to pay the...
  2. C

    Overtaxed on Severance Pay

    Has anyone experienced this? I was given a severance pay of $24,852. I receive a payment of $15,402 today, clearly way more than the 22% they are supposed to tax. What is the timeline to getting it fixed or just getting my taxes refunded after submitting the st.clair memo
  3. M

    TIME LINE HELP!!! [severance pay & taxes]

    Ok guys new member here but this place has helped tremendously. So Ill start with the basics. -7 Years 7 Months Active Duty Marine (E-5) Sgt -Got out of the Marines on TDRL -Injuries Sustained in Afghanistan IED resulted in ( MTBI) -Currently VA Rated 80% For combat injuries (Tinnitus, MTBI...
  4. P

    Retirement vs severance choice

    Currently an O2E with 10 years looking at 20 or 30% dod, 80 VA. My issue is borderline at 20 or 30%, if I get 20% I would get 100k severance. I have a federal GS9 job lined up so I'm not worried about the insurance benifits, would it be better to get the retirement or the severance?
  5. C


    I am in the AF and have been going through this MEB process over the past year. Last year in August I had my first "seizure," where I had fallen over and hit the back of my neck on my computer. I woke up sometime after disoriented and in alot of back and neck pain that had continued for months...
  6. C

    Please help

    So I was placed on TDRL for mental health for bipolar and MDD, I fought three times and finally got 30% DOD TDRL. I had my first eval and I was dropped to 10% separate with severance. I am now requesting a formal board and should hopefully be hearing from an attorney soon. But has anyone been...
  7. V

    IPEB results are in and do not know what to do

    the results came back for me with 0% DOD 90%VA seperate with severance. I have two unfitting conditions that was sent to the board lisfranc fructure/traumatic arthritist rated at 0% and the diabetes mellitus II not found as unfitting rated at 20%. Here are tge rest of the conditions rated at...
  8. rocky8289


    Disability Severance Pay All branches have the authority to separate a service member on the Temporary Disability Retirement List (TDRL). Separation may occur with entitlement to disability severance pay or without. You must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible: be found...
  9. S

    Severance Pay Tax Back Help

    I filed my claim on to get my severance pay that was taxed back. This is how they responded, " Your account is coded as 3800. You sent your ticket to 3891 Out of Service Debts. We cannot assist you. Please contact your former command. If an adjustment needs to be made, they can...
  10. T

    Ratings in, now what?

    So I signed my ratings today I'm active duty USMC. I received 0% DoD and 80% VA. I am understanding that since I am receiving 0% from the DoD that I will get my severance pay upon separation and then within the next 1-3 months to receive my monthly VA compensation without the severance being...
  11. N

    Was I lied to?

    I'll try to keep this question short, here it goes; So, I endured the IDES process for over a year and was finally determined UNFIT and agreed on my findings of 0% DoD, 40% VA (I got completed screwed. Should be rated MUCH higher but I didn't have any steam left in me to fight it anymore). My...
  12. J

    Involuntary Separation (APFT failure 2x) and VA rating

    This hasn't happened yet but I was looking into for information. This is what I am tracking: Soldier gets out on APFT failure (ch 13). Gets honorable. Gets severance pay. If Soldier gets disability from VA the SM must pay back severance pay. Does this seem accurate? Thanks!
  13. Sheldontl

    Just got Removed from TDRL and w/ Separated Severance Help!!!

    Good Morning, This all began while I was going through infertility treatment when the Navy doctors noticed that I had an anomaly in one of the blood test results. This was further tested and determined that I had an extremely rare bleeding disorder (Factor VII deficiency). This disorder...
  14. N

    Severance pay not being paid.

    Hello everyone, I'm a former navy reservist. I was injured and had an LOD from an incident that occurred in the summer of 12 on drill. I had surgery in 2014 and was still not better. I went through the PEB process and an IPEB declared me unfit for service in April of 15. I signed the 10% unit...
  15. C

    VA recouped severance pay combat conditions and DoD used wrong formula for severance pay

    Is there someone I can contact to help me? I was involuntarily separated through PEB in 2011 and my DD214 says in box 28 Disability combat related conditions simulating war, severance pay. Box 26 says separation code: JFI. Am I correct that the VA was not supposed to recoup my severence pay...
  16. W

    National Guard PEB with 8+ years in service, severance pay?

    Hello everyone. I have a quick question. I am a 31 year old veteran in the Missouri National Guard. I was diagnosed with some serious heart/lung problems (stage one heart failure/pulmonary hypertension) that have cause me to be found unfit for duty during my last PHA. I was recently told that I...