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severance pay

  1. C

    Severance pay

    I was told by the lawyer that since I will be eligible for E7 and over 11.5 years that my severance pay would be calculated at the rate of E7 over 12 years. So basically on my final day of terminal leave I will be at 11.6 years of service and that’s what DFAS uses to calculate my the pay and...
  2. C

    Documents required - Tax refund for Severance Pay

    I'm filing for a refund on taxes paid on severance pay that I received in 2020 (wish I had done it before December...too busy and it passed me by). I have the VA letter stating the conditions I was rated for (same as those separated for), BUT I cannot find the DoD letter stating the Amount of...
  3. C

    Severance pay/ credit for months towards another year?

    I’m currently going through the MEB process, already knocking out my QTC exams, almost done with SFLTAP too. The VA and my PEBLO are certain I will only get severance pay from the army and not medically retired. My question is how do they figure out that last year youre currently serving? Do...
  4. E

    Severance Pay at 0%

    Hello, I just finished my last day of Separation leave yesterday and had two questions. 1. How soon do you normally receive your severance pay? I didn’t owe any debts and took all of my leave. 2. I was told by a lawyer on post that since the DoD side rated me 0%, I wouldn’t have to pay the...
  5. C

    Started IDES today, question about possible outcomes.

    Hey all, as the title says I started the IDES process today. Already got linked in with my PEBLO and completed the first forms required. My concern in severance pay. I had a friend receive a severance check and he gets monthly checks. How does something like that happen? I’ve been in 11 years...
  6. A

    Can Med Board discharge you as a "Condition Not A Disability"?

    Can Med Board discharge you as a "Condition Not A Disability"? I'm Active Duty, USMC and I was put onto a Med Board due to my mental health conditions. In my treatment records from one of the first MTF psychologist I saw, upon arriving to my first duty station, she said my conditions were...
  7. R

    Separation Pay Amount Confusion

    Hey everyone, currently on terminal leave and have a quick question. Looking at my DD-214 it lists my separation pay amount but after finally doing some math it amounts to a much larger amount than it is supposed to. From what I was tracking it is BASE PAYx2 MONTHSxYEARS IN SERVICE and that the...
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    Severance Pay

    So EAS date was August 15th and I received all my paperwork including orders the day I went on terminal. Just wondering how long before I could get my severance? Not sure if it matters but I’m USMC.
  9. A

    How does paying back the severance pay work?

    I'm Active Duty USMC and am on a Med Board. If you end up being offered severance pay and not medical retirement (because of a DOD rating less than 30%), do you have to pay it all back before you can collect ANY VA Disability compensation? I was under the assumption you couldn't even collect a...
  10. R

    Signed IPEB findings.. Now what? (USMC)

    On April 2nd, 2020, I was called by my PEBLO to finally go over the IPEB's findings of my package. The VA rated me at 90% and DOD rated me at 10% for torn hip labrum which I had to get surgery for. I accepted the finding and did not rebut to go to a FPEB. It is now April 26, 2020 and i have not...
  11. C

    When will I receive final pay/severance?

    I got MEB for left knee residuals and went on terminal leave Feb 27th 2020 that ends on 26 March and received pay for March 1/15... when should I expect to have severance?
  12. D

    PDBR board

    Hi all, I recently got an email back stating that my case was scheduled to meet the Pdbr on March 25 then it has to go to my services designated decision authority. What does all that mean? Is that a good thing? It has been 29 months so far Since I submitted my paperwork. I would appreciate...
  13. B

    Medical Retirement, Payment, etc.

    So I got my Ratings yesterday. 50% DoD and 80% VA. I got the paperwork saying how much I'll be paid by the VA, but will I get anything from the DoD side? It's all confusing. My IPEB came back with Permanent Retirement so I'm not sure how it works. Do I still get severance pay? Thanks in advance.
  14. ROMAD

    Is Retirement status possible after medical discharge

    Just wanted to get some feedback from the group on my situation. I was MED Boarded out of the AF in 1993, placed on TDRL, and ultimately Medically Separated in 1995 with Severance at 10%. My understanding at the time was The Air Force used the VA Disability Rating standards as a general guide...
  15. S

    Severance Pay Computation of Service

    I have been getting the run around and no one can answer this question at my transition point! I received orders from a formal PEB of 10% Severance Pay before going to board had 30% TDRL this was my first IDES MEB/PRB not a reevaluation!!! I am now being told WHAT I believe is a LIE. Even...
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    When will I receive my severance pay

    I was originally on TDRL in June 2019 they re-evaluated me and concluded the injury was not going to get better so I am now medically separated. I received the letter to inform me on September 12, 2019. It is now December 3, 2019 and I still have not received my severance pay. All I’m being told...
  17. Z

    Choices available

    If the referring condition comes back at 30% or more and you are at 15 years of service; can you elect to deny the retirement and choose the severance? I understand all the benefits but looking at all options for my family right now.
  18. G

    During my MEB/PEB I should hit specialist. But then my unit flagged me for ht/wt. Anyone know how to get a flag removed? Who to call? HELP PLEASE!

    Started my MEB/PEB process back in August. My new battery with a new 1SG(my plt got moved from old btry with a 1SG and CMDR who left me alone with this process around early oct.) was made aware I’m getting out, but did flag me for ht/wt failure in mid September. I understand this is allowed...
  19. D

    VA asking for proof of severance payment- yet to be paid

    Good day, I am sorry to keep asking questions but appreciate the help I receive here. I was meb'd 27 September. My disability claim is sitting at preparation for notification but checked ebenefits and a new claim appeared for proof of severance pay. I have attached what they have requested...
  20. C

    Overtaxed on Severance Pay

    Has anyone experienced this? I was given a severance pay of $24,852. I receive a payment of $15,402 today, clearly way more than the 22% they are supposed to tax. What is the timeline to getting it fixed or just getting my taxes refunded after submitting the st.clair memo