1. A

    VA Rating Step is delayed by 62 Days already !!!! Need Advice Please...

    I was referred to MEB in Oct 2019. VA Claim was filled on the 07th of Oct 2019. I got my unfit memo dated 10th Dec 2019. As of today (25th Feb 2020), I literally have no clue what is holding my VA Ratings. I have not recieved my 199 yet obviously. Spoke to my PEBLO, he said, he has no clue whats...
  2. L

    Navy Guy In LDES

    Navy corpsman here My current timeline is as follows for lumbar spondylosis with Radiculopathy with a NMA that clearly states the CO doesn’t want to retain me. Which I wanted for an UNFIT finding. PEB Accepts case: 05OCT2019 since all I need is a fit or unfit, how long has it been taking navy...
  3. S

    How do additional disabilities get added to PEB

    So I am more than likely going to be referred to a PEB here soon for chronic migraines. With that said, it looks like if my case gets sent to a PEB they will evaluate more than just what I’m being boarded for. Is this correct? I also have sleep apnea (with CPAP), depression, and anxiety. What is...
  4. B

    Unofficial Findings??

    I was found unfit on March 23rd 2019, Does anyone know anything about PEBLOs being able to view unofficial findings? Someone in my division told me their PEBLO or IDES attorney could look at their unofficial findings after they were found unfit. Any light shed on this is greatly appreciated...
  5. A

    IPEB Unfit. 14.5yrs USAFR fighting to stay in. What gives?

    Long story short: Was in Army National Guard, head injury in Iraq, Join Air Force Reserve, VA 70% awarded, WPAFB eval, unfit - no Pay no points, ARFC- unfit, IPEB- unfit. I want to stay in. I was an Army NG Infantryman from Sep 2004-Sep 2010. MOB'd to Iraq 2008-2009, exposed to concussive blast...
  6. D

    Army Reserve Medical Board, unfit for duty process, DA 7574-1 usefulness, requesting assistance in understanding options

    First, please advise if there is a better forum to post this in, I know there are a ton of different ones here. I am 30% for PTSD, although that is currently being reevaluated for an increase and I expect to be 50%, or 70%. My symptoms include suicidal ideation (active, and passive) and daily...
  7. B

    UPDATE: Received findings back on Monday

    This is an update to my previous post found here. TL;DR: I was put on a MEDBOARD by my orthopedic surgeon on 11 July, 2018 after a failed labral repair surgery of my right hip. I received my finding back from the VA and PEB on Monday 28 January. I was found unfit for duty. The DoD is...
  8. Jason Perry

    DOD Retention Policy for Non-Deployable Service Members 2018-02-21

    This is the guidance from the DoD on Retainability of Non-Deployable Service Members. While this is interim guidance, it potentially impacts all members with disabilities that prevent deployment. (Note that many profiles or referral to the IDES/PEB include a limitation on deployment). This...
  9. U

    National Guard Federal Technician

    I am member of the NG (17 years) and a FedTech. I am also 100% SC P&T by the VA. I was found unfit by the Army with an LOD and have to make a choice on how to proceed, either MEB or Retired Reserves. I do not want to go through the VA ratings again so I am thinking about choosing Retired...
  10. B

    Duty restrictions while undergoing MEB?

    Hopefully this is the right location for this question. Recently was referred into IDES and began my MEB 29 June for SI issues, three herniated/degenerating discs (DDD) and fairly severe GAD. At this point, I am sick of sucking it up and working through my pain and intend to push for an unfit...
  11. C

    Two Bum Ankles and Messed Up C&P Exams!

    Hey guys, Just wanted to get on here and share my story so that others may prevent themselves from entering the same situation. Back in March of 2013 I injured myself PTing on base (Severe high ankle sprain). I reported the the Naval hospital where they gave me an injection of ibuprofen and...
  12. B

    IPEB timeline for fit/unfit finding

    My packet was sent to the IPEB on 27JAN and still no answer on fit/unfit determination. How long has it been taking others out there to get their notification? Thanks.
  13. B

    IDES dashboard status

    My expected step just moved to VA ratings step. Doe this mean I was found unfit? No data under IPEB step.
  14. V

    IPEB questions?

    So my case was submitted to IPEB on 28SEP2016 and I finally just called the VA and they said my case was recieved 08NOV2016 and I called again today and they have my proposed ratings that were completed 17NOV2016. They wouldn't tell me what my ratings are. From what I read if you make it to the...
  15. J

    Best Guess on outcome?

    First off, I want to thank everyone here I have been going through the post and trying to get a handle on this whole thing and you guys are amazing with the information that you provide. Background Info: SSgt USMC 12.5 years Active Duty Cyber Networking Chief Injured shoulder on my dominate...
  16. D

    Can anyone help me with my C&P and NARSUM reports?

    I've had my reports for a while, and I have a ton of questions. I've posted in this forum twice with no response, and I'm really just needing some help. I can provide any information that may be needed.
  17. rajeev2liz

    NARSUM Today

    Hello all, I just got my NARSUM today with 3 unfitting conditon PTSD, Sleep Disorder and Herniated Disc my question is when this goes to the PEB for review do they only look at the NARSUM only to make there decsion since from my understanding its a summary for my medical record or would they...
  18. H

    78 Days since my case was started...still no fit or unfit...what could it mean?

    Last information that I got (no thanks to PEBLO) was that my case is listed as "QA READY." Calling the PEB allowed me to find out that I'm "Pre VA." This was all a couple of weeks ago. I'm up to 78 days now, and still no fit or unfit rating. Is this a bad sign? PEBLO continues to say "no...
  19. A

    Guys...I just talked to my PEBLO, and....

    I'm officially unfit. I was found unfit on July 27 2016. My case has been at the VA for almost 1 month so now I'm just waiting for them to rate me and send my ratings to the IPEB. My PEBLO said the VA should send my ratings to the IPEB any day now. How long does it take for the IPEB to rate me...
  20. P

    Unfit letter hasn't moved?

    hey y'all, my packet was recieved by the IPEB on July 19th, my peblo said it would be back in 14 days. Today's the 14th day and I was told the memo hasn't moved since July 25th. Can anyone explain what that means or why it would be taking so long?
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